Philam Vitality Active Lifestyle, a Healthier Habits to Squeeze into Busy Schedules

Did you know that Philam Vitality have three reasons of an important habits to get your fitspiration (a combination of to be fit with inspiration) to start your new lifestyle? All you have to do is to put some planning on Know where to start, Make the right moves, and the best part is Reward yourself.

As every day is passing by, between meetings, reports, and traveling through crazy traffic, being a typical working Filipino is the perfect excuse to sit back and indulge every time you get a break.  
And this ist! Taking time off is the best way to recharge your mind and body, but what happens during the rest of the days when you’re stuck in the daily grind?

1. Know where to start
Before you hop on the latest diet and fitness craze, find your starting point. Know where you stand and work from there. Not everyone is running the same marathon, so join the one that’s meant for you.

Thanks to the power of the internet, there are now hundreds of free tools that can give you a general idea of what your health status is. BPI-Philam offers wellness tools like the Philam Vitality Active which can be accessed online for free. Users can get a quick assessment of their health status, and then get a corresponding activity recommendation to improve this.
Pros of Philam Vitality Program
If you’re willing to take it a step further, 
1. Philam Vitality program can help you start your total wellness journey. 
2. Activate your membership to Philam Vitality and get access to different health checks online, and discounts on basic and selected advanced screens from medical partners such as Makati Medical Center, and Hi-Precision Diagnostics – all of which aim to give you an understanding of your current health status.

2. Make the right moves
Once you know how healthy your body is, it’s easier to know what needs to be done to live better.
Don’t expect to stay committed to a full hour of lifting and cardio on the get go. Ease into ten-minute workouts, jogging around the village, or doing planks while you watch the latest episodes on Netflix. No matter how quick your workout is, gear up for your routine to train your mind to get your body moving.
Benefits of what you can get once you are a card holder.
Policy-holders of BPI Philam that will avail of Philam Vitality membership are given preferential rates to different active lifestyle brands, which makes fulfilling one's health goals easier. For one, members gets 70% off elite membership at Gold's Gym making staying in shape more accessible. Need the right gear? Members get 25% off regular priced items at Toby’s and selected fitness tracker from Garmin.

3. Reward yourself
It may sound simple, but deciding to make a lifestyle change to live healthier is never easy. Therefore, always find ways to reward yourself for a job well done!

As you lead a healthier lifestyle, you effortlessly earn points through Philam Vitality that gets you freebies, treats, and discounts on theme parks, cinema tickets, hotel accommodations, and airline bookings. What's best is that you get an upfront 20% additional coverage on your Philam Vitality-powered premium on the first year, which can increase up to a maximum of 50% as you sustain your active lifestyle and move up your Philam Vitality Status.

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