KojieSan with SPF69

One of the leading skin care company Beauty Elements Venture Inc. (BEVi) recently launched this year’s summer campaign dubbed as You’re Covered for a Wild, All-out Fun Summer 69 where a promise of fun, exciting, and wild summer experience awaits.

“Everybody looks forward to summer. It is definitely one of the most exciting and fun season of the year. We, at Kojiesan, know this anticipation and so we are bringing you the best and the wildest summer ever,” 

Kojiesan Brand Manager Rachelreilyne Soriano said at the launched at the White Moon Bar, Manila Ocean Park, Philippines last March 24, 2015.

Watch this video, https://youtu.be/qnYBI5MO7Zs

You’re Covered for a Wild, All-out Fun Summer 69. KojieSan Sunblock with SPF 69. 

While out for summer,  you can also apply Sunblock in your face.  Use Sunblock Face with SPF 50 


Since summer,  sporty individual wants also to protect their skin from direct exposure from the heat of the sun.  KojieSan have Sunblock Sports with SPF 50

Sunblock For Kids 

         Sunblock for Kids with SPF 30                            Sunblock for Kids with SPF 50

*Note:  The Sunblock lotion have SUNACTYL which helps relieve & repair skin from the damaging effect of the sun. 

So, before going out this summer, have yourself a Sunblock Lotion in your bag.  Don't forget to apply prior exposing to the heat of the sun.

KojieSan Sunblock for Face, Body, and for outdoor Sports activity.

*** Barkada trip for 4 to Boracay Contest ***

To join this contest, participants should post a picture applying Kojiesan Sunblock SPF69 in their most creative way with caption on how they had the wildest summer ever with the hashtag #MyKojiesanSummer69.

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