"Health concerns and technological advancement led many children to undernourishment and sedentary lifestyle. Nowadays, children prefer to just stay at home and play with their gadgets, and sometimes, would even miss out taking their meals at the right time. It is in this regard that Alaska introduces sports activities that children and everyone in general, can participate and live a healthy and active lifestyle.."
World Milk day is celebrated every year in many countries worldwide.  This will provide an opportunity to focus the attention on milk as a global food central to Health and Well-being and also to highlight the contributions of milk to the dairy industry - in overall. 

To celebrate this year,  Alaska will have a running event with six (6) categories:  1.  100M for kids, 2.  1K for kids, 3. 3K, (individual) , 4. 3K (Family), 5. 5K, and 6. 10K
Alaska Family Run celebrates Family bonding of going out and enjoying fun activities together like running.  The FAMILY that runs together, STAYS together.
One of the highlights of the event is the launching of MILK HOURS which will happen at 6:00 AM in different locations such as MANILA, BAGUIO, CEBU, and DAVAO.  This is in line with the objective of promoting proper nutrition for kids.

Aside from Family members, participants of Alaska Family Run are also expecting HEALTH Advocates, SPORTS enthusiasts, and Popular personalities

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

1.  When will be schedule date of Alaska Family Run? - May 31, 2015 (Sunday)
2.  Where is the venue of the event?  - SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds (Seaside corner Palm Coast Avenue)
3.  Where is the starting line of the race?  - Seaside corner Bayshore Avenue
4. How many categories are there in this event? - there are 6 categories 100M, 1KM, 3KM Individual, 3KM Family, 5KM, and 10KM
5.  What time will the  "Milk Hour" starts?  6AM
6.  Can we expect milk from Alaska?  - yes.  Alaska will give milk in 1.8kg cans to all participants.
7.  How to register? - Cash registration for May 1-25 or 27, 2015 is at the following SM locations:

Manila -  SM Megamall,
Baguio - SM City Baguio
Cebu - SM City Cebu
Davao - CM City Davao
You can also register online at
Registration Fees for Manila leg (SM MOA)

Registration Fee for Provincial legs (Baguio, Cebu, and Davao)

Registration Shirt

Zumba Shirt

Shirt Size

*For provincial activity, Zumba shirt is 300 for Baguio, Cebu, and Davao provinces which will include Fun Run or Fun Walk. 


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