A Joy-ful Friday with Free Chicken McMcMcDo

McDonald’s Philippines treats thousands of Joys to a best-tasting experience.
A long Joy-ful line outside a McDonald's store
Early morning, people are in line outside McDonals' sore in celeration of McMcMcDo Joy-ful Friday.   “Joys” of all ages enjoyed a special treat from McDonalds Philippines during the first ever Chicken McDo Day held last April 22.

Joy shows her excitement over her free best-tasting Chicken McDo
To celebrate this joyful day, everyone named “Joy” or any of its variations (Joi,” “Joyce,” “Joice,” and “Joyann”) were treated to McDonald’s best-tasting Chicken McDo for free. What’s more, each Joy was allowed to bring one companion who also received a free 1pc Chicken McDo with Rice as they dined and bonded at McDonald’s.

Joys gladly hold up their coupons for the free Chicken McDo
A joyous atmosphere was present in close to 30 participating stores across Metro Manila as thousands of Joys happily savored the new and improved Chicken McDo made juicier and tastier with just the right crunch.  Marinated, breaded, and fried to a golden perfection, the Chicken McDo makes every dining moment satisfying. Always served hot and fresh, the Chicken McDo is best paired either with the World Famous Fries, Corn Cup, or the new Creamy Mushroom Soup, and a regular drink.

McDonald's crew happily ready to give out free 1pc Chicken McDo to Joys and friends during the Chicken McDo Day
Chicken McDo’s moderately flaky and crisp coating fully covers the chicken that gives everyone an unforgettable crunch in every bite. The tender and juicy meat that is firmly balanced with salt and a savory flavor also makes it a real joy to eat at any time of the day.

McDonald's staff do the M logo sign during the Chicken McDo Day

Given only 48 hours to drive awareness for #PaChickenMcDoforJoy, McDonald’s saw impressive numbers on social—two million total interactions on Facebook and 200,000 total interactions on Twitter. The total earned mentions for Chicken McDO increased 12,000 percent compared to daily average. Several hashtags related to McDonald’s trended organically as the event was ongoing such as #PaChickenMcDoforJoy.

To learn more about Chicken McDo Day, visit McDo’s Facebook page, facebook.com/McDo.ph. Like Joys, you can also share your photos enjoying the best tasting Chicken McDo by tagging @McDo_PH on Twitter or Instagram using the #PaChickenMcDoforJoy.


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