Health and Wellness Program by PhilCare360

"Health is not only about being alive, it is about being well.  It is a state of achieving a complete harmony of mind and body."

Health and Wellness Program by PhilCare360

Today, the technology evolves very fast.  So as determining health illnesses or condition with the aid of medical equipment and apparatus by medical practitioner by their profession and specialization. 

Being healthy is sign of taking care of yourself.  Eat the right amount of meal, regular exercises, and visiting a physician regularly (at least 2x a year). 

If your busy in your daily life, there is someone which you can count on - PhilCare.  Philcare is an institution that offers Health and Wellness thru PhilCare360 program.  You can avail either individually or corporate application

What is PhilCare360?
"Is a wellness program designed to let clients achieve a holistic brand of healthcare:  a sound mind, an active and fit body, and a positive disposition"

To start with the program,  let's take a look of some sample which might caught your attention of using natural products only made in the Philippines. 

For wellness engagement, it is better to start with body "cleansing" of which are exposed to particles in our environment.

I received this Philcare kit that somehow represents a basic wellness care one show know.

Soaps: For cleansing our body. The basic way we do to take care of our body. By taking a bath, rinsing all the dirt and preventing bacteria and viruses to grow and infect us. Simple as that right?
(I think this is for taking care of our body from the outside)

Mist Sprays: For us to feel and smell clean. To make us calm and relaxed too.

Moringa Tea: For detoxification. Cleansing from within while de-stressing at the same time.
(Taking care of our body from the inside)

Jumping Rope: To exercise, For better resistance and better blood circulation.
(Taking care of our body from deeper within)

But that's not all. We should take care of our health too. And this is where Smart CheckUp Card comes in...

Philcare360 takes Health and Wellness to a whole new level by offering products and services that aims to give our clients that highest level of aid assistance.

These products and services include; post-hospitalization patient care, medical and health seminars, on-demand physical examinations, empowered health support groups, convenient on-site laboratory operations, and an exciting set of wellness merchant partners.

Part of this program is also taking Annual Physical Examination (APE).  
This is the SMART Chek-up Prepaid Card

SMART Check-up is a prepaid where you could avail APE.  APE covers the following area:
Medical History 
Physical Examination
Chest X-Ray
Complete Blood Count (CBC)

Additional Benefits could also enjoy on 10% OFF on Ultrasound Procedures and 5% Discound on Laboratory and X-Ray procedures arising from the use of the cards ath the PhilCare Manila and Makati Clinics.  This is a one-time use only.

Watch out my experience on using SMART Check-up soon!

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