Five (5) Reasons You Should Love Club Balai Isabel

Mabuhay and Welcome to CLUB BALAI ISABEL!
Club Balai Isabel is one of the Talisay's tourist spot destinations for Hotel and Resorts in the province of Batangas Philippines.  Its location is adjacent to the famous Taal Lake and Volcano where you can enjoy, relax, feel the comfort and connect with the nature at its best.

A Closer Look to the Famous Taal Volcano, view  from the Club Balai Isabel.
To start with, I listed down Five (5) Reasons why You Should Love Club Balai Isabel and enjoy the time while staying at the resorts.  Images are actually photos taken during my staycation at this place.

Every time you're planning going somewhere, we're thinking of the most convenient accommodation for our Family, Friends, or Barkadas. We do keep asking ourselves.  How much would be the cost or room rates?  What are the inclusions?  Does the venue have rooms that we need, like a Family room?

Here at Club Balai Isabel,  they have a total of 241 rooms with an incredible or overview to the Taal Lake and Volcano.  Family Villas, Condo Units, Condo Shares are available.  However, not all rooms have it.  It depends on where you gonna stay upon confirming your reservations.  

Rooms are available up to 10 persons on Regular Capacity with 8 Allowable extra persons.  Basically, it's ideal for family and or group of people who wants to celebrate occasion/s at Club Balai Isabel.    

View from our Veranda.  This is the Aplaya Function Hall and Cafeteria / Lounge 
Room/s Accommodation at the Taal Lake.  Images were taken at Daytime.

Room/s Accommodation at the Taal Lake.  Images were taken at Nighttime.

Club Balai Isabel is also known for its Facilities inside the resort.  They have Swimming Pools, Function Rooms, Spa, Pizzeria / Snack Bar, Restaurant, and among others.

Swimming Pools
Adult and Kiddie Pools are available at the resort.  My Friends and I enjoy swimming more in Kumintang Pool than at the Terraza Pool.  Why? What is the difference?  Oh well,  Terraza Pool is just in front of the Terraza Cafe / Restaurant.  So, just think about it that you're swimming pool area while others are having their meals :)  , then (might) watching you from the Terraza Restaurant.

Terraza Pool (Adult and Kiddie Pool)
Enjoy the view of the Taal Lake and Volcano at the Terraza Pool.  The pool water depth  is 2FT and 5 FT for Kiddie and Adult.  So, better check the water first  before jumping in :)
Kumintang Pool (Kiddie and Adult Pool)
This is the biggest pool in the Club Balai Isabel.  It has up to 7FT for the Adult and 2FT for Kids.  This is the best pool for Jumping and Diving, This pool is shallow both side but 7Ft in the middle.  I don't give it a try to cross the pool as I know I can only do 5 minutes floating only :)

Water is clear and I don't even feel it if there is a chemical (like Chlorine)  mixed into the water.  As we all know, Chlorine helps maintain the cleanliness of the pool!.  So, you can swim under the water and might open your eyes wider as  water is clear.

You can also enjoy Night Swimming:)
Lifeguard?  Yes,  the pool have lifeguards which is a good thing for monitoring and checking guest/s in the swimming pool.  Bath towels are also available.  You can get it to the lifeguard's area.  Don't bring it them to your room.  Leave it there (pool perimeter) instead.

Club Balai Isabel also offers several types of Water Sports Activities which will be held at Lake Taal.  Yes, you read it right :).  You could have Jet ski, Banana Boat Ride, and Kayaking.

My wife  -Aci ( and I enjoyed the paddles but not the water :D.  The water is completely different as compared to the seas.  She was seated port side while I'm occupying the (starboard) supporting her while on kayak.

You can go around and tour the Taal Lake with minimal fees.  Fee for Kayak - Single seat - P150 per hour  |  Double seat - P300 per hour

Kayak is only one of the Water Sports Activities offered at Club Balai Isabel
This is my first time to run a Jetski.  It is easy to operate and hold the steering control.  So basically, we had just operated the Jetski without the Instructor.  He just only gave us some instruction on how to handle it, control, and maneuver the vehicle.  It's like you're only driving a motorbike.

We had so much fun when the rough waves of water crossing to our way as compared to when the water is calm.  But, be safe when driving the jetski.  You know, safety is always your first priority.

Jet skied in the middle of Taal Lake capturing the moment in our lives. 
Fee for the Jetski - P 2,000 for 30 minutes and P 3,500 for an hour

Banana Boat Ride
Banana Boat Ride have a capacity of maximum 10 persons per ride.  This inflatable boat  moves and delivers the thrill by a motorboat.  That thrill, excitement, action, and fun will depend on how the motorboat / speedboat runs on its speed capacity.

You are here at Club Balai Isabel for 1 Good Reason, the "Nature".  Once you're here and "Enter the gates of the resort and you are immediately welcomed into a community and a haven where you can relax, connect, and be with the nature."

Here are the following activities which "a must do while staying" inside the resort. 

4.1 Walking at the Taal Lake Shores

Taal Lake Shores
Taal Lakes Shores is good place in the morning for walking.  Sports like volleyball is also allowed.  It's like you're doing a "beach volleyball"

4.2  Sight-seeing of different flowers, coconut trees, bamboo, and hardwood trees.

4.3  Taal Lake and Volcano viewing.

"Pantalan sa Terraza" - relaxing having breakfas while enjoyin
Relaxing while having a breakfast at the "Pantalan sa Terraza".  Enjoy the scenic view of Taal Lake and Volcano.  
While standing on this area, i just noticed species under the water.  It's like fish.  They call it  "Tawilis" - a salt water fish look like in characteristic.

4.4  Sky Lanterns
Lights above are Sky Lanterns
Since the area of Club Balai Isabel is close to the open air / area, you can also perform lighting activity at night.  Sky Lantern is one of the examples which will light up the sky night and bring some lights for a limited time only.

4.5  Zero Carbon Resorts

"We are proud to be a member of the zero carbon resorts" reducing the carbon footprint of the tourism industry in the Philippines by increasing energy efficiency and swtiching from fossil to renewable energy resources


"Customer Service delivers at its BEST".  The Management, Staff, and Crew are all exceptional when extending assistance to their Guests.  From the Reception up to the Restaurant,  They are all attentively accommodating our concerns.

It is truly indeed that, "Tumutupad ako sa pangako namin na bigyan ka ng WOW service"

There are also other things which you do inside the resorts like Team Building, Office Planning Activities, Training, and among others.

To sum up,  those are my five (5) reasons to re-visit and comeback again at Club Balai Isabel.

1.  Accommodation
2.  Facilities
3.  Water Sports
4. Nature's View
5. Customer Service

"Come home to nature's beauty and good friends"

Club Balai Isabel is located at Talisay, Batangas.  To know more, visit the following:

Official Website:
Official Facebook Page:  http://www/
Official Twitter Account:
Official Instagram Account:

Contact Numbers:  Makati Office (02) 897 0229  |  Mobile Number 0906-5185491
For inquiries and Reservations, email at


  1. The view of Taal Volcano is amazing. I could see its majestic form just looking at your picture.

    I have done banana boating gazillion times but with Taal Volcano in the background makes it different.

    Will definitely visit Club Balai Isabel if stumbled upon Talisay :)

  2. WOW! so proud to be part Batangueno, but really embarrassing because I haven't explored almost all the good spots in Batangas. Anyway, the resort looks really nice. One of the perfect spots to go to when going with the special people in your life:)

  3. This looks dreamy! Might need to add it to my bucket list!!

  4. Hi sir Oscar! Nice to meet you in Club Balai Isabel. It was truly a memorable experience. I love how we tried banana boat and jet ski. Wish we trekked Taal though!

  5. The resort looks lovely, I like the location, right on the beach. It's great that there are a lot of water sports activities too. I've done done the banana ride on a lake, only on the sea.

  6. Ughhhh so stunning! Love your pictures. I'm currently looking for a new place to visit for my October travels, this place looks perfectttt!

  7. Nice! Dream ko magpalipad ng sky lantern! Looks like maganda ung pool, hope to visit this place one day since it's near the metro :)

  8. Wow! Your certainly had fun as you did a lot of water activities. I've always been curious about Club Balai Isabel as Liza Soberano had her debut here. Anyway, what does their room look like? And what are your specific thoughts on it? I think that's really important for an accommodation. -Me-An Clemente of

  9. What caught my attention are the water sports and sights. I love the sea and the things that I can do with it and the nature.

  10. I just got back from Tagaytay, so seeing the Taal Lake was stunning. But you are so lucky to have seen it in a closer view and it is so beautiful :D

  11. You got me at the gorgeous Taal view. This is definitely a nice location for a photoshoot, prenup maybe? Thanks for sharing!

  12. Haven't been there but looking at the photos, this is a place my family would definitely enjoy. Will consider Balai Isabel on our next summer getaway. Thanks for sharing!

    Mhaan |

  13. Wow! this view is breathtaking. What is your suggestion about going there in this kind of season ? I love the weather there because its not so humid.


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