My Family Travel Essentials, What's Yours?

School Break for summer is fast approaching.  Not only that, by next week Filipinos are celebrating the Holy Week.  It also means that, long weekend or long break ahead for everyone :)

This Lent Season,  'Pinoy norms usually the Families (Papa, Mama, Kuya, Ate, at Bunso) are heading to their ancestral houses, provinces, and even travelling going to their favorite destinations whether here or abroad.

Being said, we must have prepared of what to bring when travelling specially the important ones.

Here are some Travel Essential which might help you to add these items in your bucket lists.

Medicines, Vitamins, or even some Gadget Accessories.  
1.  Medicine / Vitamins / Drugs
It is very important that we have these products in our list.  From Medicine up to the Prescription Drugs.  As we all know, not all stores in the rural areas (our destination) have (if not all) these medicines.  Ahead of time in the preparation,  never forget to put these in the list.  

a.  Paracetamol Bioflu and / or Biogesic

I personally have these medicines at home.  You too can have these type of medicine when you go travel and of course your destination is outside Metro Manila.  The description of these medicines are:
- * For the relief of minor aches and pains such as headache, backache, menstrual cramps, muscular aches, minor arthritis pain, toothache, and pain associated with the common cold and flu.  
- * For fever reduction. 

Climate in the Metropolis is different from the Rural areas.  So, there are instances that our body might have some adaptation needed to the environment on the first day/night upon staying at that area.  You can take either BioFlu or Biogesic once your body starts feel some headache which leads to pain and sometimes resulting to flu or cold.

b.  Vitamins
Our body is not always that kind of having strong, mentally alertness and healthy.  We also need Vitamins which also helps fuel inside and gives us extra power and energy :) .  Like, Enervon Activ, *A nutritional supplement that contains essential vitamins and minerals to help promote optimum physical and mental performance.  So, don't forget to bring one in your backpack.

c.  Sunglasses
You can also bring along with you a sunglasses which will protect your eyes from direct sunlight and UV that can cause eye irritation.

d.  Thermometer
This is a medical thermometer which you can use when you're feeling dizziness.  It will measure your human body temperature.

e.  Allerta
Use these medicines if any of the following already feel by your body.
* Allergic rhinitis such a sneezing; runny, itchy nose; and itchy, watery eyes.  Skin symptoms of allergy such as itch and rash
It's available for your kids and adults.  Not bad if you take it when you sneezing uncomfortably.

2.  Personal Paraphernalia's
-  These are your helping buddy in case of emergency.  Like Identification Card / ID, Flashlight, Power Bank/s, Phone Charger, Multi-function Powerbank+Flashlight.

These items were listed as part of any emergency scenario which might happen in the town where you will be staying. Other towns have time window when it comes to Electricity usage.  So at night, you can use flashlight.  You can start charging your mobile phone/s using Power bank.  ID's if somebody will ask your identity that you are not a suspicious man in town. 
Personal paraphernalia's such as Powerbank, Mobile phone Charger, Flashlight

3.  You might also add the following which might help me you in your journey!
a.  Hat - protection of your head / eyes from sunlight
b.  Skin or Sunblock protection - protection from UV
c.  Extra Money - as back in case you needed 
d.  Bottled Water -  for re hydration
e.Map - if there is / are no available internet signal in the area
f.  Clothes - choice the right clothes that you are comfortable and consider the place of your destination.
g.  Itinerary - to save time
h.  Bag Tag - if you have more than 2 hand-carry bags
i. Slippers - backup
j.  Toiletries

 *All these are under Unilab Products which the "Husay at Malasakit", you're protected.  So, enjoy the fun :)

 To know more about products mentioned above, please visit Unilab at for details.


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