You Can Now Bank Transfer via GCash

GCash Bank Transfer
Being an IT professional is not an easy task. My days at work are always quite busy, and there are times that even I was already at home IT works do follow me. Sometimes there's no escaping it making it hard for me to attend to my other personal tasks like paying the bills, taxes, online transactions, and other stuff.

Hardly do I ever find the time to go to a physical bank for my transactions because doing so takes too long every single time. The travel, the wait—it could get exhausting and frustrating and for sure my lunch break would not suffice.

That was until I discovered a mobile wallet GCash. My wife, raves so much about it; saying it’s super convenient, that paying the bills would be quick, and no more waiting in vain for long lines. Gcash is more than just a mobile wallet because transferring funds to all the major banks are doable here too!
GCash App on Android Phone
Bank Transfer and Paying the Bills in the jiffy is what got me Sold to downloading the app. I could also link my bank account to cash in and use the app to move funds to my layaway account!

I have already tried doing bank transfers through GCash and it was pretty amazing! I loaded my GCash with funds from my payroll account too, so that paying our household bills won't be too much stress for the wifey. and yep! She's happy! + the Send Money to Bank Account option is such a wonder too. GCash is linked to more than 40 banks, so most people would surely find their bank there and use the app for transactions.

I put in the amount I wanted to move to my savings account and pressed send. Within minutes, the amount was reflected on my other account! At first, I couldn’t believe how easy and convenient it was. I avoided having to travel to my bank, waiting for my turn, and paying for bank transfer fees! 

There's also an option for savings called GSave, a tool that will help us remain committed to one's financial goals and has made saving so easy. This savings platform on the app, so that’s another avenue for me to save funds for my future.  

Thanks, Gcash for you really made our adulting tasks easier these days. Such as “lifesaver” for us too! Because now, I can use my time not for waiting in long lines, or traveling going to banks and another establishment to pay stuff but to do more about my precious time, to bond with my family.


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