How to play and learn with these unlimited games online

Lego City Adventures
LEGO City Adventures: Build and Protect

How to play and learn with these unlimited games online

In this digital world, what other things can you do in your free time other than watching your favorite movies, tv series, hovering over your social media apps, and watching yt shorts videos or reels? Some will say online reading. But for me, killing time while having fun is the way to go. That’s why playing some games online will do the trick!

As a working individual, I ensure that my job for the day is always finished and completed. Ideally, most of the time I spent is focused primarily on the duties and responsibilities assigned to me in an organization that I work for. If this your typical day-to-day looks like, I would say it's kinda meh! I know it feels more like a boring routine, tiresome even. And If you were like me, I’m sure you're looking for something to fill the gap, get energized and hooked even for just a little while.

As I said earlier, I played games, most particularly online games. I tried searching online and as a LEGO fan this one catches my attention -  LEGO City Adventures Build and Protect Game: Free Online City Building. I played LEGO at home and this time, I want to try it playing online. 

I launch the game easily without any ads.  By the way, I use an Android phone and start playing the game right away. So basically, I just started to meet the characters, for some introductions, and rules.

In LEGO City Adventures Build and Protect. I helped Mayor Solomon Fleck build a LEGO city using various buildings which earn tax revenues that can be spent to help build out the rest of the city. Aside from the Mayor, I also met other characters like Sergeant Sam Grizzled and Lieutenant Duke Detain from the police station, and Chief Freya McCloud from the Fire department.

Money fund (lower left on the screen) needed to dig minipieces of LEGO bricks(lower left on the screen)

The city has six zones or districts. Each zone needs to have 25 buildings for you to build. And you will have an initial fund of 1,000 coins and 300 coins for digging hidden LEGO bricks mini pieces which can be used to build unique building types available in each zone. 

Houses, restaurants, cafes, shops, banks, post offices, factories, libraries, ice cream shops, and shopping centers, are some of the examples of building types found in each zone. The   zones or districts to unlock the city by filling each zone with 25 buildings namely: 

1. Downtown

2. Borough

3. Suburbia

4. Middletown

5. Uptown

6. Metropolis

Each zone has different and own unique LEGO pieces and building types. Meaning there is no duplicate and repetitive structures. You need to complete the Downtown first and unlock the next zone and so on.

How it works?

With the initial fund allocated, you need to dig for hidden mini pieces which can be used to build unique building types available in each zone. 


You will notice from the blueprints, there are "green" and "x" marks.  Once Green means you found the right LEGO bricks for the building you're looking for.  You can select this and put it in the zone. The "x" marks mean you still need to dig further to find the missing pieces. 

The mandatory requirement of each zone it to have at least one police office and fire department in order to protect the citizens.

Downtown is the first zone or district that you need to built 25 buildings on it.

After you filled it up, a new zone/district will open. There will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony to commemorate this achievement.

A new set of buildings will display once the new zone is unlocked. Start digging again to find those LEGO bricks / minipieces and build in your site.

How to earn from and keep your money to fund your city?

There are different ways to earn in this game to fund further the development of the city.

1. The LEGO pieces and building types that we constructed have their own earning schedules. Once their schedule is up, it will give money. Collect it from time to time.

2. Put out fires and stop burglaries to earn extra rewards. Rewards vary according to which type of building in involved. 

3. You must find the minipieces and you only got 10 chances to look and dig for them. Once you find the mini pieces, the remaining chances can be your chance to find money/coins or maybe not. 

As much as I wanted to build my LEGO City, it did not finish each zone/district in one sitting.  Meaning, I only play every break or spare time I have. But I am motivated to continue and finish what I have started. Why? I enjoy this game. Though this is just a game, I kind of set a goal for it and I must accomplish this city. Aside from the fun part, I was able to learn some things too Like how to earn and spend money accordingly. Because of this, it seems like role-playing teaches you stuff like building something, city management, and even money matters like investing,  ways of planning, and more executing in the game. 

At home, also shared the moment playing this with my kids.  At first, I thought they would not like it as much as I do.  But later on, they are engrossed in it than more me! So, what I did is to guide them, especially the losses if something happens to the buildings.  Your money will be going down because of the losses.  But I said, no worries, you need to have fun playing it and learn something from it. And they agree! 

What's next?

When you have enough LEGO stud savings, you start buying needed minipieces of LEGO bricks you want to put in your city.


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