Our Nestle Family Wellness Festival Experience

Nestle Family Wellness Festival kick-off in Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City last July 15, 2023. 

Our Nestle Family Wellness Festival Experience

Friday night, my kids were excited for the upcoming Nestle Family Wellness Festival despite storm signal #1 declared in the northern part of the country. We're hoping that the following day we will have good weather in Metro Manila.

On Saturday morning, we woke up as early as 6:00 in the morning. We decided to go and visit the Festival at Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City

They took a bath and had some morning breakfast.  We bring a set of umbrellas (the huge one) in case it still rains.

The weather was gloomy when we left home. As we are arriving at the venue at around 9:00 AM, the sun is smiling at us. There were white and dark clouds. A sign it might rain. As we were approaching the activity area, we felt the sun touching our skin and we started to feel the sweat run down our forehead and neck. This is good news not only for us but also to the organizers and people attending the Nestle Family Wellness Festival.

As the Kasambuhay for Good and family wellness partner of Filipinos, Nestlé Philippines shares with the Quezon City local government the goal of raising and nurturing healthy and happy children.

Through the Family Wellness Festival that kicked-off in Quezon City, Nestle Philippines and its brands are mounting a family-centric and activity-filled event that will help educate residents of Quezon City and nearby cities about nutrition, health, and wellness.

There are two Entrances in the venue. The first one is designated to those who registered online.  They only need to show the confirmation to the guard on duty. And the other entrance is for walk-ins.  So, we lined up in the walk-in area and followed the registration procedure.

At the back of the registration area is the photo booth.  The left and right wings have different booths. Each one has a separate tent and activities.

We waited for our friends Janina, Jam, and Monique, who invited us to the event before exploring the whole venue.

First stop.
We visited first the photo booth. One of the staff assisted us on the platform where to stand.  Then, he adjusted the camera and started to shoot (4x).  The result is amazing.

Next, to our favorite milk brand. The Bear Brand booth.  There are lot of people in-line including kids with their Mom and Dad. We decided not to pursue it and look for other booths with shorter lines. 

I also asked my kids where they wanted to go and line.
Bear Brand

There is other Nestle brand products participated in the festival such as Nescafe, Koko Krunch, Nido, Chuckie, Booast, Maggi Sarap. Milo, and Nestea.

Chuckie's Snack n' Play Baunin ang Saya, Baunin ang Chuckie. An interactive game where you need your buddy, Chuckie, go to school with chocomilky baon.  At the floor, there are four (4) arrows pointing to Up/Down and Left/Right.  The player needs to step on the Arrow Up to start the game.

My kids played it well as they moved their feet with their buddy to go to school.  With that, they got Chuckie chocolate milk as a prize.

A basketball free throw by Milo.

The "Hatak Panalo with Nescafe" is one of kids' favorites.  It was like a claw machine that you need to pick an item. This time, you will need to get any capsule. Each capsule has a surprise prize.

Each brand gives some prizes / tokens once you complete the task or activity that you have participated in.

Ricci enjoys free taste from Milo.

There are lot of free taste in the area such as Milo, Nestea, if you're thirsty. Koko Krunch also offers free for kids and young at heart.  Nescafe coffee is also available.

Nestle Wellness Campus
There is a Nestle Wellness Campus booth where Nutritionist are ready to answer your questions about health and fitness.

Since we are curious about our healthy diet, we registered and attended the counseling 1-on-1.  The result of my youngest daughter's BMI is normal. This is good news for us.

As you can see, she (left) listened carefully to how the nutritionist discusses with her the amount of food and what to eat during breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Also, the in-between snacks. Just to maintain being a healthy person.

Seminar / Talk

Urban Gardening

Cooking Demonstration

Maggi Sarap Sustansya Cooking Demo

Nestle Kasambuhay / Ka Barangay (Bureau of Plant Industry)

We just registered to Ka Barangay.  My daughter, Ricci, joined the "spinning wheel" contest and won! As her prize, she received different types of vegetable seeds (Eggplant, Pechay, Hot Pepper, Squash, and Okra).  We will plant the seed in our paso at home. This is ideal for urban farming.

Bike Shredder by Green Antz

Last stop.
We visited the booth selling Nestle products.  There is an on-going promotion that for every P200 pesos spent, you will get 1 raffle stub. We bought Bear Brand 840 grams., Milo sachet 1 dozen, 1 box of Milo Whole grain. Nescafe Creamy White (but 10 get 1 promo), Nescafe Classic (buy 42 get 6 promo). With all these items, I think I received 3 or 4 raffle stubs. So just filled up the stub and put it in the drop box. Fingers cross :)

Guess what? When we got home, yours truly received a text message that I won some prize/s.  Yahooo!!!

Thank you Nestle Philippines, for this opportunity to attend and experienced the Nestle Family Wellness Festival 2023. We had so much fun as we joined, lined up, and tried different activities and mini-games during the said Festival.

Until next time!


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