How To Do Birthdays When You’re an Absentee Kuya?

It was my younger brother’s birthday recently and, since it fell on a Wednesday, I couldn’t go home. I’ve missed too many of his birthdays because of work. I’m always on duty, at times out in the field and it never fails to make me feel a bit heartbroken about that.

It used to be that I’d ask the celebration to be moved to the weekend when I can actually go home and be there, but then again I realized that’s kinda selfish. When he was much younger, I remember our trips to the mall so I could let him pick his favorite toy, and he would just be excited when I paid for it. This year, I wanted to make up for my absence in a different way. Plus, my brother isn’t a baby anymore, and gadgets are his new toys. 

So on the eve of his birthday, I decided to send him a cash gift as a way to show my love. I sent this through my mom, to whom I’ve been making bank transfers for my monthly “remittance.” And it couldn’t be easier. 

GCash has a Send Money to Bank Account Feature

See, I no longer go to banks now for my fund transfer errands. I just use my phone. The stress of enduring traffic, waiting for an hour in line, and being met by unsmiling tellers is something I never want to experience again, so I’ve been more dependent on my mobile wallet GCash. 

GCash has a Send Money to Bank Account Feature that sends money to recipients real-time. It’s also the most secure way I know to transfer money without going to a bank and making over-the-counter deposits.  

With GCash, you just open the app and make sure you have enough funds in your mobile wallet for the amount of money you want to transfer. You can do this by linking your bank account or cashing in at 7-Eleven or Bayad Center.  

For this particular transaction, I wanted to send him P3,000. Good thing a part of my 13th-month bonus is intact in my GCash wallet. I tapped Send Money to Bank and input my mom’s name and account number, then pressed send. Easy peasy!

I told my mom I had sent the cash. Two hours later, when I know my brother has come home, I got a text from my brother: “Thanks Kuya for the birthday gift.” The next day I learned he treated the family to Jollibee, both lunch and dinner. And, he told me he has downloaded GCash, too, so next time I can send gifts directly to his GCash account. I couldn’t help but laugh; only my brother would have the audacity to say that to me. 

But seriously, it couldn’t be easier to send happiness to our loved ones now.


  1. Wow . Napakalaking tulong po talaga ng GCash . Very convenient .. Ang daming features katulad ng Send Money to Bank Account. With this hindi na kailangang pumunta ng bangko para makapagpadala sa ating mga loved ones . With just few taps, marereceived na agad ito ng ng ating papadalhan ..


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