CreamOholics enjoyed Cream-O Flix Fest and had fun with outdoor movie marathon

Last March 11, 2017, Cream-O celebrated its "Flix Fest"  A Fun outdoor movie marathon with CreamOholics.  It was attended by Family, Friends, Kids and Kids-at-heart.

Each members have the event passes to get involved and have fun prepared by Cream-O. Once all the activities completed, he or she have the chance to win an exciting prices to be raffle of every after the movie.

The  Family movie marathon
The Cream-O Flex Fest kept everyone entertained throughout the exciting day with three movies in a row.  Kids and kids-at-heart watched "Minions" while teens sang theirheart outwith "Pitch Perfect 1. " Capping-off Cream-O's first-ever outdoor movie marathon event was the well-loved romantic-comedy "50 First Dates."

It's not just watching a movie, but CreamOholics indulged in their favorite Cream-O cookies and even made their own personalized cookies in the "Cream-Ofied Creations" booth.

Personalized your Cream-O
When visiting the booth, Cream-O prepared an acitivity in personalizing your own Cookies.  The Cream-Ofied Creations booth let Creamoholics jazz-app their well-loved cookies in foureast steps: 1, choose, 2. dip, 3. spri kle and 4. drizzle.  

First, they choose their favorite Cream-O variant (Vanilla, Choco Fudge, De Luxe, Crinkles, Chocolate Chip, Cookies n Cream andChoco n Berries)and dipped it in rich chocolate (milk, dark or white), peanut butter or whipped cream. They added extra color, texture and flavor to their creations with a wide variety of toppings, and even drizzled on some delicious chocolate, caramel, or strawberry syrup.

This man loves to take photo of his personalized cookies.

Aside from the flicks, guests participated in other fun activities, such as the "Unlock the Popcorn Stash" and " Guess the Movie" trivia game.  

 "Unlock the Popcorn Stash"
Each player will be given the chance to choose a key from the bowl.  Then, the pacticipant will try to guess by inserting the key to any of the popcorn stash.

She's the one!  After a long que in line, she was able to open one of popcorn stash and surprises her abour her prize.  A Cream-O Brownie Crunch.

Guess the Movie Trivia Game.

Movie goers, has been tried The Movie trivia game.
They also captured moments and personalized their images through the"I Love Cream-O" photo booth.  Furthering the excitement were live acoustic band performances and raffle draws, where lucky winners won Funifilm Instax mini cameras and Robinsons gift certificates. 


Cookie Station
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