MESSAGE FROM THE KING starring Chadwick Boseman

When Jacob King (Chadwick Boseman) left South Africa for a week in America, his mission was simple. Find Bianca. Losing contact with his younger sister, fueled by regret over unresolved issues, found him in the pit of Los Angeles’ underbelly, immersed in a worst-case scenario. He had one week to find her, to save her from all she had become. However, he would find himself avenging the only thing left. Her memory.
Plot of the Story
It's about the society where the conflict between values and the corruption of violence and at the expense of loners forced to compromise their better nature to survive in a nihilistic brutal world.

What to expect in this film?
Message from the King is an Action Thriller movies that you've shouldn't missed to watch this September 20, 2017 at theaters nationwide. It's seeking the truth of what and how it happened.  
Jacob King, a man of few words, is able to convey his message to those he encounters with a thunderous impact. No vacation. No plans to get a job. He’s leaving L.A. in a week. The only sites he plans to see are on the trail of tears his little sister, Bianca, left behind. It begins with the morgue. He will stop at nothing until he unravels the mystery that led to her horrific death. And when he does, those who delivered such a fate will meet her threshold of pain. King is from South Africa. When it comes to justice on alien turf, different rules apply. He’s just passing through and he needs only a week.

Grief, guilt and loss are merged in his search for identity. In a world of fractured souls, how do you discover yourself? How do you discover each other? Those human dynamics meshed into a revenge thriller. Remorse is a powerful motivator. It can transform the pursuit of justice to passionate vengeance in the blink of an eye.     
To take Los Angeles from an outsider’s perspective, to bring a character into that context searching for his sister who he’s lost contact with, using that dynamic to create a thriller that was a journey into this landscape and a journey into self.

Main Characters in the Movie
Chadwick Boseman as Jacob King
Luke Evans as Wentworth, plays the role of sociopath cosmetic dentist 
Alfred Molina as Preston
Teresa Palmer as Kelly
Natalie Martinez as Trish
Message From The King is directed by Fabrice Du Welz (Alleluia fame), written & produced by Stephen Cornwell with writing partner, Oliver Butcher (Unknown fame). The movie is exclusively distributed by Solar Pictures. 

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