Caterpillar Excavator 320 and 320GC, the NEXT BIG THING!

caterpillar excavator 320 and 320GC
Caterpillar Excavator 320, The Next Big Thing!
The Next Generation Caterpillar 320 and 320GC has been launched in the Philippines by Monark Equipment Corporation, the official dealer and importer of Caterpillar machines and equipment in the country last April 12, 2018 at Megatent Libis, Quezon City.
The launch of NEXT Generation Caterpillar 320

CAT 320 Features and Demonstration
The highlights of the program is the demonstration of CAT 320, a factory - equipped technology equipment to boost productivity, efficiency and safety in the construction industry today.

CAT 2D Grade with Assist Technology
- it offers precision and automation in achieving target depth, slope and horizontal distance to grade.
- it helps operators to reach its desired grade quickly and efficiently without the need for stakes and job inspectors
- the bucket and boom assist automates boom, stick and bucket movements, so operators stay on grade simply and effortlessly.
caterpillar excavator 320 and 320GC
CAT Grade with 2D
- Guides bucket during digging and slope cutting
- Quick, precise grading with less fuel and materials
- helps operator of all experience levels
- reduces number of workers on gorun
- Standard feature on 320

CAT E-Fence Technology
- it enables the machine to work safely under confined structures such as working in between building walls or near moving vehicles by preventing any part of the excavator from moving outside the operator's define working space by using the advance on-board touch display inside the operator's cabin.
caterpillar excavator 320 and 320GC
The Standard 2d- e-fence technology have the following features.
1. e- wall swing
2. e-wall forward
3. e-wall cab protection
4. e-wall ceiling
5. e-wall floor
caterpillar excavator 320 and 320GC

caterpillar excavator 320 and 320GC
As you notice, the bucket didn't hit the wall.  There is an imaginary wall between the caterpillar 320 bucket and the actual wall (could be a building)
caterpillar excavator 320 and 320GC
CAT Payload Technology (watch the video)
- it offers real-time on-board weighing.
- it delivers precise load targets and increase loading efficiency without -on-the-go weighing and real-time payload measurements.
- it increase the operator's efficiency.
- it eliminate costly repair or breakdown of dump trucks due to overloading.

CAR LINK Technology
- this a advance technology where it connects the job sites to the office and provide to the customers a real-time equipment operating information such as location, fuel consumption, working hours, alerts for critical-fault codes for efficient and effective equipment maintenance.
caterpillar excavator 320 and 320GC
- it integrates with pre-cleaner and primary and secondary filters extend service life to 1,000 hours.
caterpillar excavator 320 and 320GC

caterpillar excavator 320 and 320GC

caterpillar excavator 320 and 320GC
According to Mr. Robert Leo, Product Application Specialist for Hydraulic Excavators - Caterpillar Global construction & Infrastructure, there are three (3) reasons to choose the Next Generation Excavators
caterpillar excavator 320 and 320GC
3 Reason to choose Next Generation Excavators
1. Up to 45% Increase in operator efficiency
2. Up to 20% reduction in fuel consupmtion
3. Up to 15% reduction in maintenance costs
caterpillar excavator 320 and 320GC

caterpillar excavator 320 and 320GC

caterpillar excavator 320 and 320GC
Mr. Giacomo Buttone, Worldwide Medium Excavator Product Manager-Caterpillar Global Construction & Infrastructure talk about The Next Generation CAT Excavator 320 and 320 GC
caterpillar excavator 320 and 320GC
L- R Mr. Giacomo Bottone, Caterpillar's Worldwide Medium Excavator Product Manager. Mr. Marianito Santos, VP Rental- Allied Sales and Services, Mr. JR Banson, President- Monark Equipment. and Mr. Jose Castello, president EEI Corporation during The NEXT Big Thing launch of CAT Excavator 320 and 320 GC.
Thanks to Mr. Prime Perez, Machine Application Engineer enlightens us on how the Caterpillar Excavator 320 works during the demonstration. 

Also, Mr. Melvin Garcia, dealer certified instructor who operate the caterpillar 320 next generator excavator.


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