List of Winners: Superbods Ageless 2018!

Century Superbods Ageless 2018 Winners
(L-R) Superbods: Anthony Wahl, Bella Ysmael - Male and Female 1st Runner-Up and Maureen Montagne and Jules Aquino - Female and Male Grand Winner.  Superbods Ageless: Johann Ludovica and Angel Jones - Grand Winner Male and Female  Superbods Ageless,  and Jerome Salvado and Mica Fuentes - Male and Female 1st Runner-Up Ageless
The wait is over for the the journey of 40 finalists of Century Tuna Superbods Ageless 2018. For the first time ever in this most awaited summer event, the Century Tuna Superbods Ageless 2018 search featured two exciting categories, namely Superbods ages 18 to 37 years old and Superbods Ageless ages 38 to 50.  Inclusion of the new category is meant to bring the Superbods search a notch higher, proving that one can be at his or her fittest regardless of age.

Here are the complete list of Winners Century Tuna Superbods and Superbods Ageless 2018
Jules Aquino (25) and Maureen Montagne (24), Grand Winners of Century Tuna Superbods 2018
Century Tuna Superbods 2018
Jules Aquino (25)  - Male Superbods Grand Winner
Maureen Montagne (24) - Female Superbods Grand Winner

Anthony Wahl (30) - Male 1st Runner-up Superbods
Bella Ysmael (21) - Female 1st Runner-up Superbods
Johann Ludovica (42) and Angel Jones (39), Century Tuna Superbods Ageless Grand Winners 
 Century Tuna Superbods Ageless 2018 
Johann Ludovica (42)  - Male Superbods Ageless Grand Winner
Angel Jones (39) - Female Superbods Ageless Grand Winner 

Jerome Salvado (39) - Male 1st Runner-up Superbods Ageless
Mica Fuentes (39) - Female 1st Runner-up

Century Superbods Ageless 2018 Winners

Here are the complete list of who made it to the Top 10
Superbods Female Category
1. Maureen Montagne
2. Queenie Rehman
3. Bella Ysmael
4. Kim Ross Williams
5. Faith Garcia
Superbods Male Category
1. Jules Aquino
2. Anthony Wahl
3. Angelo Cacciatore
4. Tommy Tiango
5. Elcid Camacho

Superbods Ageless Female Category
1. Angel Jones
2. Glenda Bayona
3. Mica Fuentes
4. Margaret Chua Lao
5. Romela Nacar
Superbods Ageless Male Category
1. Johann Ludovica
2. Ari Simangan
3. Jerome Salvado
4. Rob Geronimo
5. Albert Adrales

There Special Awards were also given to deserving Superbods Ageless

The New Face of Chevrolet : Kim Ross Williams Superbods Ageeless 
Kim Ross has been selected based on the transformation videos of her towards becoming a Superbod.

Ultimate Challenge Champion : 
1. Anthony Wahl and Maureen Montayne - Superbods
2. Angel Jones and Greech Go - Superbods Ageless 

Beach Bod Superbods
1. Maureen Montayne and Tommy Tiangco - Superbods
2. Rob Geronimo and Glenda Bayona - Superbods Ageless

Zalora Runway Award:
1. Ari Simangan - Superbods Ageless
2. Queenie Rehman - Superbods

Best Time Underpants Run
1. Jules Aquino and Amanda Villanueva - Superbods
2. Greech Go and Margaret Chua Lao - Superbods Ageless

Ultimate Transformation Ageless category
1. Jerome Salvado and Michelle Garcia - Superbods Ageless Ageless

Best in Photogenic Award
1. Marc Dungo - Superbods Ageless
2. Maureen Montayne -  Superbods

Best in Congeniality
1. Jules Aquino -  Superbods
2. Anna Cope - Superbods Ageless

Fitness Advocacy 
1. Faith Garcia - Superbods
2. Jude Yap - Superbods Ageless

Century Ambassadors
Gerald Anderson

Paulo Avelino

Sunshine Cruz

Alice Dixson

Ina Raymundo
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