Leaving A Legacy Through Your Health Insurance

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Leaving A Legacy Through Your Health Insurance 
featuring "Health Protection Plans"

Health is Wealth. 
This is a golden rule (for me) when the time you have started working and earning. Money is just there every 15th and end of the month as a compensation of your labor/service to an employer.  Anything and everything you wanted to have and buy is possible during that time.

Based on my own experience, I am working in a corporate environment having three (3) kids. Some companies provide health insurance aside from HMO benefit offers to an individual with full-time or regular employment or contract. This is true and you'll enjoy the assurance that you're covered, and only applicable (take note) during your stay and tenure in the company that you are working.

How about when you're not employed? Or employed, but the company does not offer any Insurance or HMO benefits? Yes, you've got SSS and Philhealth (if you're working in a private sector), but with limited coverage only.  What happens next?

This is a question needs an answer as every day, you're going to report for work In and Out.  You have no idea of what will happen to you whether you're at the office or at home. Only God knows.

So, It is about time to think about (not only today) your future.  Think Big, Plan, and Execute. Think of something and maging "advance mag-isip"  while we're strong and can do multi-tasking.

My recommendation is, while young, healthy, and energetic, learn to start and put a small amount or portion of your money into long-term investment such as health insurance which in return, it will help you when the time comes when you need it most.  Like, when the world turns upside down against you for whatever reasons.  This is not only for your own good.  But, this is also for your family's future.


By getting a policy on Health Insurance, there is an assurance that they can provide and assist you in your needs like medical, accidental death, dismemberment, and /or disablement, murder and unprovoked assault, burial assistance (due accident), personal liability, medical reimbursement (due to an accident) and more.  The coverage will depend on the plan that you wanted to avail which will be tailored according to your requirements, like 12-months, 24-months or more. 

Example of an Insurance company is YGC Corporate Services Inc. and Malayan Insurance. They are a member company of the Yuchengco Group of Companies (YGC) here in the Philippines. YGC offers various HEALTH PROTECTION PLANS that are aligned to your specific needs and those of your family members. Cash benefits are provided not only for hospital confinement but also for ICU coverage, life and disability benefits. The CARD FOR LIFE plan even provides for add-on cash benefits for payment of your annual credit card dues.

Once you're a policyholder of Health Protection Plans, you will get the following:
1. Hospital Cash Plan
2. Family Shield
3. Family Protect Plus
5. Card For Life
5. Family Protect Elite
6. Family Protect Max

Aside form listed above, You're Family, Kids, dependents are covered and can avail Educational Assistance, Pension Benefits, and House Rental Cash offers under the FPE product.

This is somehow that a legacy can I leave behind to my family through financial support from the health insurance.  Big help no matter what happens when the time comes.

To know more, visit http://www.ygccsi.com/healthprotection


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