Ralph Breaks The Internet, and here are the reasons why my kids love the movie

Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2

Walt Disney's second installment of Wreck-It Ralph was showing in the Philippines last November 21, 2018, and my Family and I were all happy to be part of this movie premiere and watch the movie at Central Square Cinema, BGC Taguig.

Six months ago, when we first have seen the movie thriller of Ralph Breaks The Internet.  My kids ask us once the movie is available, we will watch it. So, as parents, we agreed to watch this movie soon :)

And this is it.  The first day of showing, we all watched the movie.  And here are the things that my kids learn and adapt of the movie is all about.

1. Kids were able to understand and relate to the situation happening on the internet. games and applications.

2. They're able to understand the consequences when playing internet games and applications.  They're also aware of those advertisement Pop-out when playing.   A click bait ad might lead to compromise your information and also your computer applications.
3. They can relate to playing arcades, entertainment Any destruction happens to the machine lead to malfunctions needs repair and possible of parts replacement causing the games to shut down, but unavailable to any stores out there.

4. Offline games need an access to the internet.

5.  Lessons learned to be careful of the things around and appreciate the good deeds coming from your friend.
Appreciate friendship,  love,  and respect.

Think out of the box yo make your friends happy.   Doing things special and surprises to give happiness to your friend.
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