How to purchase Valorant points without credit card? Reaver Operator and Forsaken Vandal skin

Reaver Operator - Valorant Skin

If your playing Valorant and wanted to avail and upgrade skin, you're in the right direction.

VALORANT: a 5v5 character-based tactical FPS where precise gunplay meets unique agent abilities. 

Valorant Points is a requirement before buying anything available in the marketplace. But first you need to buy points using real money. There is a conversation already available for you to have an idea of how much credit your need to avail.

This post is about a step by step procedure in buying Valorant Points using GCash, a mobile money or e-wallet that you can use in this transaction. 

Then, buying Valorant Skin using your Valorant Points.

Step 1 - At the marketplace, choose the desired Valorant Skin. Click Next

Step 2 - Select the payment method. There are ways to choose from such as Credit / Debit Card, GCash, 7/11, Bank Transfer, Bayad Center / Robinsons, PayPal, Mobile Payment, GrabPay or Prepaid Cards (prepaid card, Riot Pin, or other code).  I choose GCash.

Step 3. You need to login to you credit to proceed with payment.  Then confirm purchase.

Step 4 - It will show that payment transaction has been completed.  You can validate that purchasing the Valorant skin is completed

For these investment, I spent Php 749.00 for Reaver Operator and Php 499.00 for the Forsaken Vandal.

That is super easy.

Remember that you need to have a Valorant Points before availing any Valorant Skin. And you need to have money to buy points.  And don't forget these steps: 

Step 1 - Choose item 

Step 2 - Select purchase method

Step 3 - Continue mode of payment, then confirm payment. Use your GCash

Step 4 -Pay with GCash.  Transaction has been completed and item purchase has been completed.


  1. Thank you po for sharing thesd steps on how to purchase Valorant points without credit card. Malaking tulong po ito para sa mga gamers na GCash lang ang available . Will share this blog po to my friends .


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