"The BOZZ AWARDS is all about the new breed of Entrepreneurs, who are just as persevering and innovative, albeit faced with a difference set of challenges and opportunities in this digital age of doing business", explained by Ms. Kat Luna - Abelarde, First Vice President and Head of SME NATION held last August 5, 2015 at The Brewery At The Palace, Taguig City Philippines

Ms. Kat Luna - Abelarde, First Vice President and Head of SME NATION

"The Bozz Awards" is one of the initiatives by Smart Enterprise which empower the new breed of Filipino Entrepreneurs.  Smart Enterprise is under PLDT SME NATION. 

This is a social media crowd sourcing search for the New Generation of Entrepreneurs who are using digital tools to grow their businesses.  These entrepreneurs are know for spearheading a revolutionary in business platforms through their use of technology.  Technology, like using of Social Media engagement such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or even YouTube as part of their business strategy to reach or target their customers.

In partnership with Rappler, the Bozz Awards hopes to inspire more entrepreneurs with success stories of those who have boldly embraced the challenges and opportunities in this digital era.  They will also house the main site for the Bozz Awards and will facilitate the crowd sourcing aspect of the campaign whick will carry the online official hashtag #BeTheBoss

The Bozz Awards is part of the line-up of activities for PLDT SME Nation's recently launched Small Business Month celebration which is a pioneering aimed at empowering small business to embrace the digital revolution.

Rules of Digital Engagement

The nomination will officially start on August 10, Monday via online through the microsite on Rappler.  Those who want to nominate their own bozz can also 'Tweet-pitch' a 140-character nomination using the official hastag #BeTheBoss.  More details will also be announced on August 10 via the official Bozz Awards site.

Mr. Gabby Cui, PLDTSME Community Engagement Services Head 
discussed the Categories & Qualifications 

Qualifications for the Bozz Awards

45 years old and below
Business must be operational for at least 2 years
Based in the Philippines.

Categories of the Bozz Awards

The Bozz Awards have 5 categories namely:  (1) The Boss for Mobile Readiness, (2) The Boss for E-Commerce, (3) The Boss for Social Media, (4) The Boss for Customer Service, and (5) The Boss for Social Responsibility and Entrepreneurship.

1.  The Boss for Mobile Readiness 
Fast paces lives are increasingly becoming more mobile.  The mobile-ready venture is at the forefront of its industry, providing products, services and engagement anytime and anywhere.  it's a swipe in the right direction!

2.  Boss for E-Commerce 
Short for electronic commerce, e-commerce means conducting business transactions online.  This includes showcasing products through an app or providing a service through online correspondence.  The e-commerce champ knows the internet is the world's largest market place and is not afraid to own !

3.  Boss for Social Media
The clear differentiator of a contemporary business venture from one that has been left behind.  The social media pro embrace these platforms to his advantage by growing an online community and fostering relations.  The more "likes", the better

4.  Boss for Customer Service
Exemplary customer service is make-or-break for a business venture.  Customer satisfaction is the key why the customers are coming back.  This category puts the spotlight on the innovators that have used a digital platform to hear what their customers have to say and improve their business in the process.

5.  Boss for Social Responsibility and Entrepreneurship
This category recognizes entrepreneurs' commitment to a social cause through digital means and how they are better able to reach out to others through the power of technology

The Bozz Awards Judging Criteria

There will be five (5) #BeTheBoss "The Bozz" Awardees.  One (1) awardee for each category

Ms. Abelarde added, "We've said it before, and we'll say it again - there's nowhere to go but digital.  We've seen a lot of budding and progressive entrepreneurs who've managed to revolutionize the traditional ways of doing business thourgh online presense or gorund breaking use of digital tools and platforms.  This new breed of movers and shakers paved the way, and we want to recognize and empower tham so they can inspire more entrepreneurs".

To know more on how to #BeTheBoss, visit rappler.com/BeTheBoss


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