PROMATE 240: Technology Innovation and Your Portable Back-Up Solution

Promate 240 

A power bank for your laptop and other gadgets? It is now possible with this new product recently launch in the Philippine Market.

The PROMATE 240. Your portable generator and "on-the-go"ideal for recreational and residential consumption.   

Promate 240 Indoor Power Station is complete back-up power solution designed to offer convenient and reliable source of power guaranteed to save your home and business from the hassles of possible outages.

Mr. David Nouvelot, President of Powertech Asia Pacific Incorporated  introduced PROMATE 240 at PROMATE PRESS LAUNCH held at Marco Polo Ortigas, Pasig City last July 8, 2015.

"Many businesses trust us, and trust Promate Generator for the continuity of their business", said Mr. David Nouvelot

Meet the TEAM behind the success of Powertech Asia Pacific  Incorporated
 From L - R:  Mr. Leonel Dalicon (Service Specialist), Mr. Ariel Yoro (Sales Marketing Assistant), Ms. Chona Roldan (Administration Manager), Mr. David Nouvelot (President), Mr. Bobby Encarnacion (Operations Manager), Mr. Mon Pacio (Sales Engineer), and Mr. Gardo Dagondon (Sales Engineer)

PROMATE 240 is reliable back-up power solution that is portable with a gross weight of 13Kg.


1.  Indoor Use - this feature is easy to inside the house or in condominium.   It has 3 USB ports that can charge mobile phones and your electronic devices.

2.  Lightweight -  the unit is easy to bring in and out as mentioned, it is portable
Mr. Nelson Talag (Tech Editor) of who got the first PROMATE 240 unit in the Philippines.

3.  Ideal for rotating brownout - can be use as power source of to open electrical equipment or appliances such electric fan or television.
4. Easy to operate - no need for technical training to open or operate the unit
5.  Car Jump Starter - for emerency purposes, yes you can also use PROMATE 240 to use for your car as jump starter
6.  Flip Up LED Light - it is built in.  You can use this feature without turning on the device.  All you have to do is to switch on the light manually.   It also has a 4-led digital display that allows you to monitor the status of the generator, from the power output to the battery voltage.

PROMATE 240 Technical Specifications

1.  24Aah sealed lead acid battery
2.  1 duplex 400 watts 220V AC Outlet
3.  12V DC Power Outlet
4.  Digital Display for Battery voltage, frequency & power output
5.  solar Cahrging Port
6.  AC and CAR charging port
7.  Unit dimension (cm) 36.5 L X 32W X 37H
8.  Gross weight kgs 13

NOTE:  It also has a one duplex 400 watts outlet that allows you to directly plug regular appliances power cords or connnect the power station to a battery for additional power time. 

Mr. David demonstrate the reliability of PROMATE 240 to give power on the stand fan 

Mr. David explained the Digital Display for Battery voltage, frequency & power output for every device plug to the portable generator.   It also allows you to monitor the status of the generator, from the power output to the battery voltage.

Price and Availability
Promate 240 Indoor Power Station is currently available at major existing Promate retailers nationwide and is distributed by Powertech Asia Pacific Incorporated. Promate 240 has a Manufacturer’s Suggest Retail Price (MSRP) of Php 9,999 and will offer a 1-year limited warranty

The celebration was held at Marco Polo Ortigas, Pasig City last July 8, 2015.

To know more about Powertech Asia Pacific Incorporated, visit their social media accounts.

Website:  h

For inquiries,  call their number at (02) 914-7287 or (02) 650-6147


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