9 Short Courses Available for Summer Program Design for Beginners, Kids, and Teens at INFORMATICS Eastwood, QC.

(L-R) Ms. Charlynn Ebeteur, VP - Academics, Ms. Yolanda Soliveres - VP, Operations, Ms. Katrina Pastor - AVP - Marketing, and Mr. Alfred Mel Serrrano - Host

Digital Technologies and Innovations are rapidly growing and popularly demand in this world specially to young generations.  And also considering the fact that  Philippines is one of the top 10 countries in world where people have online presence anytime and anywhere in the world of world wide web.

Ms. Yolanda Soliveres - Vice President, Operations 

Ms. Soliveres discussed about the transformation of INFORMATICS College on how to hone and develop the skills and potentials of each student and apply it outside the school.  She also gave us information background about INFORMATICS not just being a College School but also an Industry-Recognized IT School here and abroad. 

Today, INFORMATICS College, an IT school in the Philippines globally recognized around the world with  200+ Branches worldwide which has gives international certifications and global recognition on their students.

Ms. Charlynn Ebeteur - Vice President, Academics
Ms. Charlynn talked about the preparedness of INFORMATICS for the K to 12 Education Program in the Philippines.  This is how she elaborate the Role of INFORMATICS Senior High School for school year 2016 - 2017.

K to 12 Education Program in the Philippines

Online Community Bloggers meets IT School Executives

Recently,  Wazzup Pilipinas, a popular community blog composed of passionate bloggers from the Philippines, partnered to organize a bloggers event and to launch the latest offering of the school: Informatics Senior High School: World-class Senior High Education, and the Summer Programs for Beginners (for kids Ages 7 to 15), for school year 2016 to 2017 held on April 7, 2016 at Cafe Enye in Eastwood, Libis Quezon City.  The event was attended by INFORMATICS Executives namely Ms. Yolanda A. Soliveres, Vice President for Operations; Ms. Charlynne S. Ebetuer, Vice President for Academics; and Ms. Katrina N. Pastor, Vice President for Marketing,  

Mr. Ross Del Rosario, founder of Wazzup Pilipinas, welcomed and congratulated the bloggers for being part of the very first bloggers event held by the I.T. school, while Mr. Alfred Serrano, also from INFORMATICSs, hosted the event.  And I'm very happy to be part of this school activity.

Informatics Summer Programs for Beginners (for kids Ages 7 to 15)

To give your child a head start on his/her professional career early and their passion with Digital Technology, INFORMATICS introduced  the 15-day series of Junior I.T. Courses for kids aged 7 to 15 years old. 

INFORMATICS will provide the best teachers for your children in the following courses: Computer Programming, Digital Media, Computer Game Design, Web Design, Mobile App Development, Digital Animation, Microsoft Office Experts, Development Reading And Creative Writing, and Small Enterprise.

Ms. Katrina Pastor - Assistant Vice President, Marketing
Ms. Katrina discussed the importance and value of being incline to the world that we are loive in, Digital Technology.  She mentioned the Nine (9) different courses in which students can avail based on their interest and passion.

Here are the 9 courses offered at INFORMATICS Eastwood Quezon City which run starting April 27 up to May 17, 2016.  There will be a total of 22 hours for 15 days.  Each session will run 1.5 hours.

Digital Animation
- Learn and Play Animation Techniques.  Students will be able to learn the basic or fundamental of animation and they will be given the chance to create their own animated short story, of course..

Development Reading and Creative Writing
- Kids will learn and improve their skill in reading and writing.  During the program, students will be able  to write their own story.

Microsoft Office Experts
- Kids will learn or improve their Microsoft Office Skills such as creating Word document, working on Excel sheets like tables, creating animated presentation using Powerpoint presentation. 

Web Design
- Students will be be able to learn how websites were created.  As we all know, we are only aware of its graphical user interface (gui) as the front end.  In this program, kids will be able to design and develop their own website to make it more fun and interesting subject.

Computer Game Design
- Kinds, mostly male are playing online games.  In this program, students will be able to learn how to design video and mobile games.  They'll apply of what they have learned and create their own computer games

Small Enterprise
- This program is also designed for individual whose passion are into business.  Students will be able to learn how to put up a business.

Digital Media
- Students will be teach and learn on how to Manage Social Media Sites.  They will also know on how to become responsible when handling different social media accounts.

Mobile App Development
- Kids will  enjoy this program.  They will design and develop personalized or own mobile application.

Computer Programming
- Students will learn basic computer programming and its application.

Tuition Fee:  
The fees will depend on the course / program you will avail.  But, most likely, it ranges from P6,000 to P15,000.

Early Registration
Early birds will get 15% discounts up until April 18, 2016 only.

To know more about INFORMATICS Eastwood,  visit their official website at www.informatics.edu.ph. You can also follow them on their official Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/informaticsph

Informatics Eastwood
185 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., C5 Road, Acropolis Quezon 
Contact Number:  (02) 6673093 to 94 


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