#NatGeoRun2016: Promoting Fitness and Caring for the Environment

#NatGeoRun2016:  Promoting Fitness and Caring for the Environment 
Earth Day Philippines Run 2016

Runners waiting for their turn - 10K distance "WAVE C"
As early as 3:30 AM, Runners gathered around at the Start Lane for 10K distance of the #NatGeoRun2016 Earth Day Run Philippines 2016 held at BGC Taguig City last April 17, 2016. 

I went to the place at around 4:00AM since the gun start time is 4:30AM.  This is my first time and I'm very happy with full of excitement to run with along with other runners having a common goal, "Fitness and Caring for the Environment"

I was surprised when not all runners were able to run at exactly 4:30AM.  Only runners with letter "A"  on their assigned race bib.  I just realized then that the purpose of the flags with WAVE - "Letter", example WAVE A represents to the race bib assignment.  Runners need to check their race bib for grouping purposes..  

I asked one of the Race Crews at the race venue about the purpose of this flag.  According to him, WAVE A and so fort is to organized runners for grouping.  Also, to avoid any untoward incidents might happen at the starting  line of the race.  There will be a given time of 5-minute allotment each wave before the next batch of runners to starts.  So, instead of 4:30AM, I was able to run at 4:40AM because my race bib have letter "C" and which i need to follow and go to WAVE C.

When the race started at 4:40AM, no more selfies :).   Phone were kept for the time being until I reached Buendia Flyover at Makati City (as part or the race routes).

I took photos of runners who are turning back (U-TURN) or going to the finish line.  All runners must pass to the "U-Turn" area where it was stationed before the intersection of Gil Puyat and Makati Avenue.


After that,  need to keep the phone again and enough for selfies :). Just keep running and don't forget to drink water at the hydration area (along) the race routes.

Finally, this is the moment.  I reach the Finish line at around 6:00AM.  This is based based on my approximate estimation only.  I finished the race at 1 hour and 20 minutes (1:20), and again this is unofficial time result  :D.

So, here I am at the Finish line taking selfies :)  Happy and smiling.

I grab some water for hydration and go to the Race Village to have some warm-up or let say "cooling"  / cool down.  This is to ensure that blood circulation and muscle are not stressed.  Wow!

With regards to this run, #NatGeoRun2016, this is the 7th year of promoting fitness and caring for the environment.  Earth Day Run 2016 with 5K, 10K, 21K and 42K race distances happening simultaneously for the first time in five cities across the region: Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tai Chung, and Manila. Each city’s race will be using support from the registration of all participants to help raise money for World Wide Fund for Nature and its projects.

"Massive participation in Earth Day Run throughout the years has made it possible for NGC to plant 36,000 fruit-bearing trees in a watershed in the Abuan watershed in Isabela, in the Sierra Madres region. Not only was the watershed partially reforested but local farmers were also allowed to care for and harvest these trees for themselves. In 2014, Earth Day Run’s proceeds went to training fishermen affected by Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) on how to make and use fiberglass boats, which can better withstand the hard weather common in the Philippines and allow them to continue with their livelihood. Last year, NGC was able to provide portable solar-powered lighting kits to the Tawbuid Mangyan tribesfolk in Mindoro, giving them and Forest Rangers’ camps safe and sustainable light sources off the grid."

I would like to thank www.takbo.ph and Leadpack Race Organizer for this opportunity to be part of #NatGeoRun2016.

See you next year for the #NatGeoRun 2017.


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