VALENZA, your Italian inspired dream House in the South.

VALENZA - Model house

VALENZA, your Italian inspired dream House in the South

When planning to invest into Real Estate, there are five (5) reasons you might consider to look at. And these are; Location, Accessibility, Security, Cost, and Amenities and Utilities.

For me, the top 3 are the most important, the rest are, I could say "bonus factor" when choosing the right one :).  To begin with:

5.  Amenities and Utilities
Basically, part of the investment which we are paying for is the Amenities.  The property where it is built  and located should have like a Clubhouse, Function  Hall, Basketball Court, Tennis Court,  Swimming pool and of course, the Children' playground where you're spending most of the time with your Family celebrating some occasion.  Also bonding with Friends or love ones; time to pamper and feel relax and comfort within the perimeter of you investment - House and Lot.

Utilities like electricity, power and communication must readily available before the move-in happens.  Don't forget to check water availability or supply or a backup just in case or if needed.  In addition to that, the garbage collection system.  You should know the system or process of how it is being handled and manage by the developer.  Is it daily or weekly for proper sanitation and disposal of household waste.

4.  Cost or Price of the Property
The cost or price of the real estate property should be already available so we could got an idea as early as possible before going to the place for site visit and viewing.  What to expect and not why the price is like that. Here at Valenza, starting at 4.3 million (it depends on lot area and type of property), you will know right a way of what to expect  when you get the chance to visit there.
*photo by Valenza, Crown Asia Property
3.  Security
If the property is inside a compound, do they have gate/s?  If the community if big, do they have daily routine schedule for roaming 24/7/365?  These are some of the questions most probably we should ask because we're just only concerns for our security and safety.  

At Valenza, they have a minimum of 2 security guards per gate and round the clock roaming.  They do have well- trained security personnel.  Sooner, they will implement and install the CCTV's on each street in the village for security reasons and purposes.

2.  Accessibility
Valenza is accessible via SLEX or Daang Hari in Cavite.  It is along Sta. Rosa - Tagaytay Road, 7.2 km from SLEX  (approximately)

1.  Location
Valenza is located at Barangay Sto. Domingo, Sta. Rosa, Laguna.  One of the most progressive City in the Province of Laguna.  This is the only project in the area where the target customer -sooner homeowners where the mid-segment property starting from 4.3 million pesos.  .

Why Valenza? This property have 22 hectares with Italian theme of community.  It has 88 smallest to 300 biggest type of houses

For the info of everyone, Valenza also started their Phase - 3 Mansion Type property.  The three (3) storey building have 149 sqm.  floor area and  the two (2) storey have 90 sqm floor area.

Valenza's Actual Location and Viewing

Let's take a look at the property and these are the actual photos during our visit.

The landscape are very natural and amazing.  They're green and I love it!

Here's a short video where you could have an idea of what Valenza can offer.

Okay, time to visit the actual place on one of the model houses offered by Valenza - the Lladro.

Living Room

The Bedrooms

Dining Area

The Kitchen's Area

Activity / Library Room

LLADRO Model House basic specifications:
Minimum Floor Area  is 211 sqm | Minimum Lot Area is 180 sqm
Features:  Two-Storey model houses with 4 bedrooms, family area, den, 2 car garage, lanai with trellis, front porch, balcony, 3 toilets and bath, 1 powder room

Choosing Valenza, choose Lladro!  Why?  Its a good location and close to Lifestyle Centers, Hospitals and Schools.

Lifestyle Centers                                            Hospitals                              
All Home Sta. Rosa                                          Southern Luzon Hospital and Medical Center     
Rustan's Supermarket                                       Tagaytay Hospital and Medical Center, 
South Supermarket                                           Sta. Rosa Hospital and Medical Center
Shopwise Sta. Rosa                 
Paseo de Sta. Rosa                                         Schools
Solenad 1,2,3                                                  St. Scholastica's College
Robinson's Supermarket                                   De La Salle Canlubang
SNR                                                                Brent International
Starmall Prima                                                 Xavier School

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  1. Wow such a classic interior layout which has a timeless design throughout the years. I like how stunning the whole setup looks with complementing storage compartments and decorative.


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