'The Power of Samsung' Expo 2016!

Samsung reinforces its leadership in technology and innovation through 
“The Power of Samsung” expo

Samsung Electronics Philippines Corp. (SEPCO) once again showcased their full range of innovative products and technologies for corporate and retail across different business units during the company-wide expo titled “The Power of Samsung" last  August 17, 2016 at Shangri-La at the Fort, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

Here are some of the items displayed at the Expo.

At Home... 

High Definitions Televisions (TV) / Curved SUHD TV

 ATMOS Soundbar 

Microwave Oven
This is the latest smart oven which is also already available in the market.

Vacuum Cleaners
Digital and programmable vacuum cleaners.  Selected models are only available in the local market today.


The expo will highlight the technological advances of Samsung, and aiming to provide a better way of life for consumers through cutting-edge products and innovations. 

Gaming Center
Each Family members will truly love this section :for leisure and stress reliever,

At Office...
Commercial / Industrial
 Twin Cooling Refrigerator / 8-Pole Inverter. 

At Office...
MultiFunctions devices (Printer, Scanner, Fax)
For typical use inside the office.

At Hospital....
Digital equipment most use in the heart station, 2D or 3D ultrasound.


Product demonstration...

Samsung continues to lead in terms of technology and innovation through its cutting-edge products for mobile technology, home entertainment, digital appliances, and enterprise business technology. All of which were presented to Samsung’s partners, dealers, and stakeholders in “The Power of Samsung” expo.

Communication Devices
Access Point (AP) and AP Controller.  This device is use for Internet connectivity in the office (WiFi)

Lifestyle Section

Digital / Smart watch

“Our innovative spirit continues to push the boundaries of technology to create new possibilities for consumers,” said Kevin Lee, SEPCO President and CEO.

 He also added that, “This one-of-a-kind event celebrates Samsung’s commitment in developing the latest in technology and offering top quality products that consumers and businesses can trust.”

The latest in Samsung’s wide range of products were also highlighted in the exhibit are the recently launched Samsung Note 7, Twin Cooling Refrigerator and AddWash.

Through these products, Samsung realizes the potential of the fast- and ever-growing market for new technologies that are aimed at improving the quality of life of consumers.

“As a global leader in technology and innovation, Samsung is proud and humbled to have the power to set the future in motion. The power of Samsung lies in making innovation accessible for all through a variety of products that are known for reliable quality, distinctive design, and using the latest technology,” said Chad Sotelo, SEPCO Marketing Director.

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