Isla Felomina

isla Felomina, Palawan

Isla Felomina, another tourist destination in Puerto Princesa, Palawan Philippines.

ISLA FELOMINA Snorkeling and Dive Site

ISLA FELOMINA Snorkeling and Dive Site is the newest tourist destinations in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan Philippines.  It is located at the Barangay New Pangganan where barangay officials look over the management of any activities in the area.  The city government also declared the island as of one of the six (1 of 6) eco-tourism sites in Palawan which formally open last March 16, 2016.

ISLA FELOMINA is one of our travel itineraries at Puerto Princesa.  Before we get there, we registered first at the local tourism office in Sabang Wharf.  I described Sabang Wharf as gateway going to the beautiful, majestic and historical places in the city.  After registration,  just wait for your turn to get on-board and ride to a boat / motor boat or pambot (term use by locals).  You are required to wear a vest since you will be travelling and passing into the sea going to the island.  Travel time to take you there is 30-45 minutes .  So don't take a nap and missed the view while travelling.

This is our boat going to ISLA FELOMINA.  It can accommodate 12 to 15 persons including the bankero or boatman.  

When we reached the island, Barangay Officials was there to welcome and assist us in exploring  the site. They also prepared meals to eat perfectly for our empty stomach.

(L-R) Mr. Gary Bacolod (left) - Pangulo, Samahan ng Isla Felomina  Dive Site together with Barangay New Panggangan Officials.  Ms. Edna Castro -PIO, Ms. Roselyn Cayaco - Auditor, and Ms. Enriquita Odtohan (Kagawad) 




Snorkeling and Dive Site

The area (half hectare) have corals and you will see it closely during snorkeling.  Avoid touching we could not destroy them.

( You will love the nature's view upon reaching the top of the island)

Exploring the Island / Tour

Rock formation and limestone.

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