Father's Day Treat: THANK YOU! :)

Daddy O with #TeamBorneaKids
(L-R) Me with my kiddos Ricci, Charles, and Chloe #TeamBorneaKids

Big shout-out to these brands who greeted and gave me special treats during the celebration of Father's Day last June 17, 2018.

A day before the big day, I just received a small box from Mcdonald's Philippines.  It says, " Dear Oscar, Happy Father's Day! A simple gift from us to you, for all that you are, for all that you do!" 

I really appreciate with this unique gift coming from Mcdonalds.

McDonald's Philippines Greeting Card
The box itself is too cute comes with a greeting card.  I don't have any idea what's inside.  Let's check this out.  So, time for unboxing :)

Yipee! A McCafe Coupons, perfect to start the morning before work.  Also with key chains having special / unique messages, like jokes written on it :D. While reading each one, it makes me smile. A funny joke which makes you "think" (the answer) and laugh in a simple nice way.
McDonald's Gift for Dad's
I posted it online and got some reactions online and got messages and greetings!
Here's another one.  Tim Hortons invited us for a movie treat for dads.  We're all excited because the movie we're going to watch is the Incredibles 2. And you know what? Tim Hortons didn't only provide two (2) tickets, but five (5).  Hooray!!! All of us got so excited. My Wife, Kids, and I were all watched the movie.
Tim Hortons x Incredibles2 with #TeamBorneaKids
My kids and I with Incredibles 2 characters.
 Aside from that, I also got spcial merchandise Mug of Tim Hortons.  Here's the pic before lights the movie begins.
Tim Hortons Merchandise Mug
Lastly, this one is the best greeting card which I received on Father's day.  A customized card with a message coming from their heart.  By the way, this card was designed by my 11-year old daughter. 

It touches my heart actually when she handed this card to me.  And also, the message inside the card capture my attention that they really really love me as their father.

Thank You Ricci and I love You !!!

I posted this card online and got mixed reactions from the internet.

Thank you McDonald's Philippines and Tim Hortons for these Father's Day treat!


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