Ang Babaeng Allergic Sa WiFi

Ang Babaeng Allergic Sa WiFi
Markus Paterson. Sue Ramirez, (Lead Actress), and Jameson Blake (Lead Actor)
A must watch a movie where Love and Respect are two ingredients  and I could say very important in every relationship that we have.

Ang Babaeng Allergic Sa WiFi is about Norma. An ordinary teenage girl, and like most girls her life (and love life) revolves around technology. In this modern time, technology plays a vital role in each in everyone of us.  

One day she is diagnosed with Electromagnetic Hyper-Sensitivity — an unusual illness that makes her literally allergic to Wi-Fi, data signals, etc. So she is forced to move in with her grandmother in the province and learns to live a much simpler life that will impact her relationship with Leo — and her friendship with Leo’s brother, Aries.
Everybody can relate to this story where it happens "sometimes", if not, most of the time.  There is a twist kung sa kikiligan kau sa bawat eksena at kukurtin ang inyon mga puso.  Bakit? Panoorin natin eto. Ito ay may kwento, makabuluhan, at may-aral na tayong lahat at maka relate sa mga characters na ginagampanan ng bawat isa. 
Ang Babaeng Allergic Sa WiFi Cast of Characters with Jun Lana Robles (Director)

Ang Babaeng Allergic Sa WiFi is An official entry for the PPP 2018 (Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino) this coming Aug. 15-21 and will be shown in cinemas nationwidw 

The movie is directed by Jun Robles Lana and produced by CIGNAL ENTERTAINMENT, OCTOBERTRAIN FILMS, and THE IDEAFIRST COMPANY

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