BASF Kids' Lab: Science Experiment for being Clever Foodies

Charles and Ricci joins the BASF Kids Lab 2018 held on October 21, 2018, at The Mind Museum, Taguig City
BASF Kids' Lab: Science Experiment for being a Clever Foodies

Team Bornea (Charles and Ricci) and other kids from Gawad Kalinga got the opportunity to be part of the BASF Kids' Lab 2018, where they help children learn on how to be a "clever foodies" thru an interactive science experiment on the last day of a 3-day science education program on October 19 to 21, 2018, at The Mind Musem, Taguig City.

The program attended by around 450 children aged 8-12 for the chemistry and nutrition through safe and hands-on experiments at BASF Kids’ Lab where the first two days attended by elementary students from Taguig and BASF partners.
There were two challenges for kids to perform the experiment. Identifying the "Vitamin C Champion" and the "Fruit and Vegetable Challenge" assisted by mentors coming from UP Los Banos.

Vitamin C Champion
For the first challenge, kids task was to use iodine starch solution to investigate the vitamin C content of fresh and industrially manufactured lemon and orange juices, measuring volumes and learning how to use pipettes and test tubes.  

The second challenge is about Fruit and Vegetable Challenge
Kids will compare the Vitamin C content of different varieties of fruits and vegetables using test strips to detect Vitamin C.
In this activity, kids will understand the benefits of eating a colorful range of vegetables and fruit.

After completing the tasks, kids (including Team Bornea) got their certificate of completion and participation. Yehey!!!
Feedback Wall
Kids put their feedback on a "post-it" and put it on the feedback wall about their experience on the experiment about being clever foodies.
Snack Time.
After the experiment, kids enjoy "eating time" or mirienda such as waffle, cotton candy, ice cream, and popcorns.
Look!  Dr. Bubbles (mascot).  There is also a stuffed toy as a surprise gift given to each of kids participated during the BASF Kids' Lab 2018.
Dr. Bubbles
BASF Kids’ Lab participants in the Philippines will receive Dr. Bubbles soft toys. These dolls were produced by hand by housewives in Gawad Kalinga community at GK Enchanted Farm, Bulacan. The women are engaged by Plush and Play, a social enterprise under the GK communities.
“Through BASF Kids’ Lab, we provide kids from a variety of backgrounds with the opportunity to experience chemistry through hands-on experiments. This year, to celebrate the United Nations’ World Food Day on October 16, we are introducing a new series of experiments: the ‘Clever Foodies’ program. This program helps boost children’s dietary awareness and encourage them to make positive changes towards healthier eating,” - Ronald Mercado, Managing Director BASF Philippines.
BASF Kids’ Lab has been held in the Philippines since 2005, helping more than 3,000 children discover the world of chemistry in daily life and understand scientific concepts.

BASF is an active supporter of education projects in Philippines. Together with The Mind Museum, the Philippines’ leading science museum, in September BASF unveiled the Virtual Chemical Reactions Interactive Touch Table at the Atom Gallery of the museum. The only one of its kind in the country, the Virtual Chemical Reactions Interactive Touch Table, donated by BASF, uses digital simulations, audio, and colorful animations to help children explore the world of chemistry so that they can observe the chemical reactions between various substances in a completely safe and interactive environment.


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