HYPE TNC SMS Booking, Panic Button, and other Features revealed during HYPE FEST

HYPE Transport Systems, Inc Grand Launch and the first ever HYPE FEST 2018 held on October 14, 2018, at SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City!
The newest transport network company formally launched!
HYPE Transport Systems, Inc Grand Launch, and HYPE FEST 2018!

When it comes to the alternative way of transportation in Metro Manila, here comes HYPE Transport Systems, Inc. The newest transport network company (TNC) in the Philippines.

HYPE celebrated its Grand Launch and also its first-ever HYPE FEST, wherein the gathering of drivers, operators, and the public as they go on full-swing of their operations to serve the riding public last October 14, 2018, at SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City.

"When we first envisioned HYPE, we had the vision to provide the Filipino riding public a viable choice. We wanted the Filipinos to have the power to choose the most affordable, the safest, the most convenient, and with the most number of transport options possible." - Mr. Nicanor Escalante, President, HYPE Transport Systes, Inc. 
Piolo Pascual, Brand Ambassador HYPE Transport System Inc.
HYPE FEST is a gathering that brought together the entire community whether you are a commuter, driver, operator, businessman in an afternoon and early evening of entertainment, fun games, and camaraderie.  The highlight or main event of this event is the appearance and performance of HYPE Brand Ambassador, Mr. Piolo Pascual and the raffling off Brand New Toyota Vios to the lucky event -goer.
Piolo Pascual, Brand Ambassador HYPE Transport System Inc.
But before that, here are the important things I learned about attending the event. 
I, myself listed down the HYPE Features and why this is unique as compared with other TNC.

1. SMS Booking - Online booking app is dependent on the internet connection which needs data. But not for HYPE.  We can now book (as a passenger) a ride via text messaging when the data is not available.  How? The system itself will detect automatically if you have an issue or an unstable internet connection on your phone.  The app will redirect to SMS feature to start the booking. This is cool, right?

Security Feature
2. Panic Button - One of the concerns as a passenger is our security when booking and riding in a Taxi or Car.  Now, HYPE has this Panic Button. This is a very unique feature only available to Hype. In case of emergency for whatever reason, the taxi or car will generate an alarm sending an SOS to your neighbors (like, if you're on the road) and will also send an alert to Hype office. 

HYPE personnel will contact the passenger or driver to confirm or validate of the reason why the panic button is used.

High Fee/s during rush hour.
3. Surcharge - Upon hearing this from Sir Nicanor, promising but surely looking forward, it will not change in the future.  HYPE surcharge fees apply only or will give you double (2x) your fare out of your regular fare. Meaning, for example,  your regular billing when you use Car /Sedan with Ph 100 from and to, during  peak or whatever the situation is, surcharge fee will give you  Ph 200 pesos only.

So if you're Hype user, better watch out on your fee/s :).

Take Note:
Surcharge usually happen if the demand (booking) is high vs.  Available Hype vehicle. Also, it affects the weather condition of the weather and traffic situations in your area.

Customer Feedback

4. Customer service - The Hype has this feature for passenger feedback on using Hype. Always use feedback as this is important to know if they're service is exceptional or needs an improvement not only for the car but also to the driver/operator.  In terms of customer satisfaction, feedback is very important.

For Driver / Operator 

5. Commission -Applicable to driver and operator.   The commission will depend on the number of trips per day.   The higher the trips,  the higher commission you can get from hype.

Jennifer Sila, HYPE Chief Operating Officer 
Ms. Jennifer Sila, HYPE Chief Operating Officer discussed the benefits and commision scheme when joining HYPE.  This is for a lifetime (and hopefully not change).

Very Flexible Service

6. On Pickup Point - Hype pickup point or availability of Hype service taxi/car is at a maximum of 2KM only.  This is a win/win situation from passenger and driver to avoid cancellation of the booking.

Upcoming Service

7.  On Ride Sharing.  This is service is currently on a process on Hype but in my opinion, LTFRB will grant this for the benefit of the public interest to lower the booking fee.

8.  UV Express Hype Coverage Soon? HYPE got plans to ease down the waiting time for you on taking UV Express Services and still they are working out on it.  

9. Service Availability. - Hype is available is nationwide :)  Wow!  This is great news for commuters out there.

10. Delivery Service - currently they don't it yet.  But, they're open to the idea of having a delivery service to incorporate into their systems.

Amidst the festivities, HYPE also gathered thousands of interested drivers and driver-operator applicants who were processed on-site; and was addressed in keynote message by top Land Transportation Franchising Regulatory Board (LTFRB) representatives: Mr. Joel Bolano, Technical Divisions Head; and Atty. Sammy Jardin, Executive Director.

"We are proud to say that as the Filipino riding public has begun to support HYPE, more and more of our driver -- both TNVS and taxi cabs; will continue to enjoy more and more earnings by using the app, and will most definitely enjoy more surprises from us and our partners," Escalate further said.
Grand Winner of Toyota VIOS from Batangas.
Filipina actress, host, dancer, and commercial model Andrea Torres of GMA 7
The event capped off by the performance of sought-after DJ Patty Tiu.

DJ Patty Tiu

Learn more about HYPE Transport Systems, Inc. 
website: www.hyptrasnport.com Facebook page:  www.facebook.com/HypePilipinas


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