Coke Studio Summer Concert: Catch the Wave Home

Coke Studio Summer Concert 2019
Attending concert event during summer is anew and another experience for me where most of the time spent with family at home and at work. It's not a typical day of celebration on weekday as the next day / the following day will be back to the regular routine.

Yours truly did not missed attending the Coke Studio Summer Concert.  This is another way of spending time outside the four corner in the office.  For me, it is a relaxing way to watch, listen, and participate (like singing) in chorus while the performer/s started to play their songs. It is also a way of rest and recreation of my night life. 

Coke Studio Summer Concert: Catch the Wave Home

Exploring new places, quick family getaway, and a trip back home to see your childhood friends and meet new faces are just some of the things that we look forward to when we come home for the summer. Every year, we always think of ways on how to make our vacay fresh, exciting, and special. And Coke just gave us the ultimate summer experience with the Coke Studio Summer Concert.
KZ Tandingan, Coke Studio Summer Concert
 KZ Tandingan
The Coke Studio Concert was a gift from Coca-Cola to everyone for the overwhelming love and support they received for the Coke Studio Season 2. Headlined by Coke Studio Season 2 artists, our summer became a wave ride of emotions and celebration from the variety of their lineup. Solo and collaborative performances were given by Sam Concepcion, Khalil Ramos, Quest, Patty Tiu, Ben & Ben, Kriesha Chu, Gab and John of Urbandub, Shanti Dope, Abra, IV of Spades, KZ Tandingan, Juan Miguel Severo, and It was held at Mall of Asia Arena on April 25, 2019
Khalil Ramos

Coke Studio Season 2 is about Homecoming to our younger selves, homecoming to our roots and rich diversity. This is the time to look back on our first love, ups and downs, dreams, and self-discovery that ultimately ends up with coming home through our love for music.
Patty Tiu and Kriesha Chu

Not only did the Coke Studio Summer Concert gave us the ultimate summer experience from the production numbers, interactive and 3600OPM Concert Stage, it save us from not having a summer “ganap”, but it also saved us bucks because the admission and of course fun and entertainment was absolutely free for everyone to enjoy.
 IV of Spades
 IV of Spades
 IV of Spades
 IV of Spades
 IV of Spades
It was hosted by Ylona Garcia and Justin Quirino. 
Justin Quirino, Coke Studio Summer Concert
Justin Quirino
Ylona Garcia , Coke Studio Summer Concert
Ylona Garcia 


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