Cherry Mobile Flare S8 Series, a Game Changer

In celebration of Cherry Mobile's 10th anniversary, they just introduced their latest offering of a smartphone in the market today. The Flare S8 Series ideal for consumers looking for an exceptional experience in smartphone technology at the most convenient price / is under the budget of any individuals.

Cherry Mobile Poised to Rock Smartphone Scene with Game Changing Flare S8 Series

All equipped with Android and packed with a set of advanced new features, the series is bigger and better, promising only the best in gaming, streaming, and photography for all tech-savvy from teens to young professionals to seasoned mobile enthusiasts.

Here are the Flare S8 series, game-changer smartphones available in stores nationwide. The Flare S8 Plus, Flare S8 Pro and Flare S8.

Elevate Experience With the Flare S8 Plus
The following features encouraged you to capture moments and memories for your family and friend.  Such as taking beautiful scenes and landscapes, recording tantalizing rural views and urban art or simply want to give life to your vlogging aspirations.

Features / Specifications of Cherry Mobile Flare S8 Plus
1. 16MP + 2MP Pop-Up Dual Front Camera
2. 16MP + 5MP + 2MP Triple Read Camera
3. 6.26-Inch Trueview Fullscreen Display
4. MediaTek Helio P70 Processor
5. 128GB ROM, 6GB RAM
6. MicroSD up to 512GB
7. Side Fingerprint Scanner / Face Unlock 
8. 3250 mAH Battery
9. USB Type C
10. LTE REady
11. Color is Pearl Black

SRP Price: P12,900

Here's the sneak preview of Flare S8.

Innovate In Real Time With Flare S8 Pro
If you're an avid player of competitive mobile gaming online like PUBG, Mobile Legends, Ragnarok, this one is for you.  It guaranteed to crush player enemies while at the same time wow your friends.

Features / Specifications of Cherry Mobile Flare S8 Pro
1. 20MP + 5MP Dual Rear Camera
2. 20MP Front Camera
3. 6.5-Inch HD+ Trueview Teardrop Display
4. MediaTek Helio P22 Octa-Core AI
5. 64GB ROM, 4GB RAM
6. MicroSD up to 512GB
7. Fingerprint Scanner / Face Unlock 
8. Battery 4000mAh for extended gaming.
8. USB Type C
10. LTE REady
11. Available Colors, Black, Twilight Purple, Midnight Blue, and Emerald Blue

SRP Price: P5,999

Relate Seamlessly with Flare S8
This is the most competitive smartphone in terms of pricing in the market with good features and functionality.
If you're up and want to be updated on what is happenings on social media and binge-watch our favorite shows on your favorite streaming site, well this is one is for you.

Features / Specifications of Cherry Mobile Flare S8
1. 13MP + 2MP Dual Rear Camera
2. 13MP Front Camera
3. 6.26-Inch HD+ Trueview Teardrop Display
4. MediaTek Helio P23 Octa-Core 
5. 32GB ROM, 3GB RAM
6. MicroSD up to 128GB
7. Battery 2,800 mAh

SRP Price: P3,999

So, what are you waiting for?  Drop now at the stores near you.

With the seires features an dprice, you're sure to get the upgrade you need that's best for photogrpahy and entertainment all without having to break the bank. This makes the Cherry Mobile Flare S8 Series truly a Game Changer.


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