Solane Kitchen Hero Chefs’ Edition Grand Winner is from Mindanao

Chef Roseller Fiel II of Region IX
Solane Kitchen Hero Chef's Edition Grand Winner

After hundreds of applicants across the country (Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao), only top 15 contenders (winners of each region) battling for the semi-finals round and hoping to make it to top five (5). Five grand finalists have the chance to showcase their skills and mastery of cooking for the final cook-off challenge with a surprise mystery box that contains main ingredients for their dish at Eton Centris, Quezon City on September 6, 2019.

Top 15 Chefs' Dishes presented during the Semi-Final round of Solane Kitchen Hero Chefs' Edition

After 2-hours of the cook-off, Chef Roseller Fiel II of Region IX declared as the first-ever Solane Kitchen Hero 2019 Grand Champion.  He will take home P100,000 pesos cash prize and a culinary trip to Japan for two (2) with customized stops at different food and drink destinations.

Chef Roseller Fiel II of Region IX
Chef Roseller prepares necessary ingredients for his dish with a twist.  His passion and love of cooking, he dedicated his skills and focus working on the table to come up with the dish which describes his family's (Father and Mother) involvement in the kitchen.

During his presentation with his masterpiece, judges were surprised of how he was able to prepare his extraordinary dish.  Chef Roseller got all positive feedback from the judges.  

When asked by Ms. Nancy Reyes-Lumen, competition director, about what he will do to the prize (P100,000) if he wins.  Chef Roseller simply answers that the money will be his instrument to continue and study more and hone skills in cooking.  As a matter of fact, he will bring Filipino dishes abroad when he opens a restaurant abroad - that his future plan.  He also revealed that, he'll going abroad by next month for his "cooking journey" outside the country.

Solane, the leading LPG solutions brand, names the first-ever winner of the Solane Kitchen Hero Chef’s Edition, a nationwide cooking competition that aims to discover a new generation of local talented chefs. 

"As the competition is nearing its conclusion, we are utterly excited to finally find the first-ever Solane Kitchen Hero. Throughout the competition, we were awed by the exemplary dishes we have encountered, as well as the outstanding level of culinary expertise we have seen from our chefs," says Isla LPG Corp. CEO Ruben Domingo.

"We said in the beginning that we aim to recognize these chefs who can bring Filipino cuisine to the world stage, and I think we have successfully achieved that."
The culinary creations judged by renowned chef and Solane Kitchen Hero ambassador Chef Sau del Rosario, bestselling author and Solane Kitchen Hero, Ms. Nancy Reyes-Lumen, along with other accomplished food experts and chefs. It will be based on the following criteria: 50% featured ingredients and 50% originality and creativity.

This exciting cooking contest is made possible with the support of dynamic organizations and brands championing the same passion for cookery in the country. STI serves as their official school partner while Midea is a co-presenter. Major sponsors are Masflex, Jolly, Jolly Heartmate Canola Oil, Dona Elena, and Dona Elena Al Dente. Minor sponsors are King Sue, Ajinomoto, Philtranco, Fastcat, Chef’s Garb, and National Bookstore.

Congratulations Chef Roseller Fiel II of Region IX,  #SolaneKitchenHero 2019 Grand Champion.

To know more about Solane Kitchen Hero Chef’s Edition, visit Solane’s website and Facebook page


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