It’s now Blackwater Bossing with a new logo

The new Blackwater Bossing jersey illustration by Ren Corporal

Check this out! It’s now Blackwater Bossing with a new logo!

Elites are out, the Bossings are in!

Blackwater Bossing

Blackwater, Ever Bilena Cosmetics’ personal grooming line, is rebranding its Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) team with a new moniker and logo. Previously known as Blackwater Elite, the team will now be referred to as Blackwater Bossing by the next PBA campaign.

The changes revealed back in August that they made the decision to change the team's name to make it more appealing to the masses.

"Elite is a term that is not common for the ordinary masses, while Bossing is something that is more understandable and relatable since Filipinos use it in their day to day lives." - Dioceldo Sy, franchise owner of Blackwater Bossing and President and CEO of Ever Bilena Cosmetics Inc.

With the change in name, Blackwater Bossing also adapted a new logo which was selected from a nationwide competition and will be effective next season.

Blackwater wanted to help local graphic artists amid the current pandemic by hosting the competition wherein the chosen winner will be given Php 10,000 cash and Blackwater products worth Php 10,000.

After receiving hundreds of entries, Blackwater chose the creation of Ren Corporal which featured the team’s name, a basketball, and the brand’s recognizable perfume bottle. The logo will be used in the team's jerseys and other promotional materials.

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