Enjoy Wild Rift with Globe RiotGo80

Globe Exclusive RiotGo80 Promo
Globe Exclusive RiotGo80 Promo

Enjoy Wild Rift with Globe RiotGo80 

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I know some of us are enjoying the new normal day to day adventure where we could go to our favorite places or hangouts.

And there are times that we have to rest for a while.  Instead of doing nothing, we tried to have a sneak-peek to our mobile phone and wanted to play Wild Rift.

Well, there's nothing to worry about on your data charges.  Playing Wild Rift away from your internet at home is now possible with Globe Exclusive as they bring back their promo,  the "RiotGo80"

League of Legends: Wild Rift is the Mobile MOBA game that has taken the Esports world by storm and is the ultimate barkada activity you can enjoy even while social distancing. 
Recognizing the Filipino’s love for Wild Rift, Globe is fueling everyone’s love with its RiotGo80, an exclusive promo offering where you can enjoy in-game content bundled with 5GB data allocation so you can have a more enriched and leveled up gaming experience in League of Legends: Wild Rift.  


To subscribe and start enjoying all the RiotGo perks, you can do it via GCash. 
Via GCash:
1. Open your GCash app an go to "Only on Gcash"
2. Choose your desired RiotGo promo
3. Confirm and click "Pay"
4. Wait for a confirmation via text which will include a unique link to the RiotGo page
5. After opening the link, enter your Riot ID and password
6. Once at the authorization page, click Authorize
7. Open Wild Rift. Every hero with the "Go" word on the upper left are the ones inclusive of your subscription
Globe’s mobile data promos are a testament to Globe Telecom’s commitment to create wonderful experiences for people to have choices, overcome challenges, and discover new ways to enjoy life. Online gaming has been a fantastic outlet for people amid the ongoing pandemic, and with Globe’s reliable internet connection, more people can play their hearts out without worries. 
The GlobeOne app is available on the App Store, Google Play, and AppGallery.


  1. Ma try nga rin po itong games na to with globe riotgo80 mukhang mag eenjoy ang buong family sa paglalaro nito.


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