Lucky Rainbow Seafood Restaurant (Makati Branch)

Lucky Rainbow Seafood Restaurant (Makati Branch)

[UPDATE] The restaurant is already closed.

The usual chinese food that I grew up to was Siopao and Pancit, does that count as Chinese cuisine?

But seriously, Chinese food was already a part of Filipino Culture from Birthday noddles and Feng Shui, right?

Lucky Rainbow Seafood Restaurant invited us for a food tasting event.  

It takes a while waiting for the food.  It was served hot as in freshly cooked.  It takes a quite a while but not to the point that you'll passed out for hunger.  For me, I like it that way because, i like my food freshly made.

Below are the feasting on a sumptuous meals  prepared by Lucky Rainbow Seafood Restaurant.  So, enjoy !

Partner with Cold Cuts Combination

Cold Cuts Combination
Peking Duck
partner with Pecking duck once sliced

Fried Prawns with Taro

Salted and Pepper Spareribs

Sweet Sour Pork

Country Style Fried Rice

Fried Lapu lapu with Mango sauce


Salt and Pepper Spareribs

Fried Garlic Chicken Wings

Assorted Fruits
About the Food
Aside from the above mentioned freshly cooked meal is that their rice is delicious and yummy up to the point that you can eat it even without ulam.  Let me stress this out that every food you'll order is freshly cooked.

The place is dim lighted which gave a sophisticated look at the place.

Their staff were accommodating  and pleasant which gives exceptional service.

Value for Money
Lucky Rainbow Seafood Restaurant serving sizes is quite big.  Almost ideal for sharing.

Will I recommend this?  Yes

Will I come back? Yes

To sum up, this is going to be one of the fondest memories which i can keepsake going forward :)

For advance reservations, visit Lucky Rainbow and Seafood Restaurant or call the phone numbers.

Address:  2224 Patriach Bldg. Pasong Tamo St. cor. Don Bosco, Makati City, Philippines
Contact numbers:  (+632) 478-1385 and (+632) 751-8183
Mobile number:  0906-3366146


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