Own Christmas! A Pre-Holiday Blogger’s Workshop

              Own Christmas! A Pre-Holiday Blogger’s Workshop by Top Pick
Own Christmas! A Pre-Holiday Blogger’s Workshop
I was invited by Top Pick to attend on their first "Own Christmas! A Pre-Holiday Blogger’s Workshop" held at Greensun Hotel at Makati City, Philippines  last November 2015. So, I'm pretty excited and expecting to learn something new in the preparation for the upcoming Christmas season.  Well,  it's not one, but I picked the Top 3 sessions presented by each speaker during the said event.

Here are my Top Picked 3 Favorite Workshops

1.  How to Prepare Healthy Pasta with El Real Shrimp with Sunried Tomato Pesto Pasta.

One of the workshops is the cooking show presented by Chef Carol Bonifacio of Universal Robina Corporation flour division. She conducted a demonstration from preparation of ingredients up to the point it is ready to serve and eat.  She use the El Real Shrimp with Sunried Tomato Pesto Pasta by El Real

El Real Shrimp with Sunried Tomato Pesto Pasta
Oh well, now I learned on how to cook the pasta by following Chef Carol, it's time for me to do it at home :).  It is considered to be healthy pasta because of its ingredients specially the Malunggay and Carrots bits.  Yes,  it has Malunggay on the serving.  Oops, don't worry about the vegie flavor because its tasteless :)

El Real called it, "SpagHealthy Goodness Without the Veggie Taste!" 

2.  The secret of Christmas Wrapping by Goldilocks

The "paborito or pasalubong ng bayan"  shares some Tips and Tricks and wrapping a gift specially if it is food inside.  Yes, you can wrap it in a simple and presentable way at the same time without damaging what is inside.

Also, Goldilocks also prepare some Christmas product for this season.  These are:

Santa Face Cake

Christmas Hazelnut Roll
Christmas Cookies

Christmas Bread
Christmas Forest Bread
3.  Smart Phones within the Budget Range - My Phone
A smart phones within the budget range.  It has 13MB front and 5MB  rear camera for selfies.  Operating with Android at Octal core.  So, best phone at a lower cost.  Best for Christmas gift if you are looking for smartphone's selfie camera with less than 8K budget :)

Top Pick Advertising also partnered with other sponsors to make this first Christmas Workshop  success. La Filipina, My Phone, Walter Bread, Kiyani, and Greensun as official venue partner

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