10 Reasons to choose Club Balai Isabel this summer

Jet-ski around the lake :)

10 Reasons to choose Club Balai Isabel this summer

The infinity pool with stunning view from the Terraza to Taal Lake and an overlooking Taal Volcano. 

It was totally fun and had an amazing experiences during our overnight stay at Club Balai. We had a great time exploring the entire resort as part of itineraries.

To give you an idea of how I was amazed and love the place, I listed 10 Reasons why you should include Club Balai Isabel in your bucket list this summer.  

1.  View of Taal Lake Upclose
There are resorts in Talisay Batangas, but Club Balai Isabel is the perfect place and advantage to have the opportunity to get the beautiful spot and view of Taal Lake and Taal Volcano.
Photo taken from the Terraza.  Outside that "fence" is the Taal Lake.  Yes,  the one and only Taal Lake with an overlooking to the Taal Volcano, the smallest in the Philippines.

Here's another shot of the Lake shore.  Amazing is in it!.  This area is only available at Club Balai.  You can walk, run or play along the lake shore and enjoy the view of Taal area.

It is an opportunity and perfect place to take photos with your subject.

2.  Lake Shore
Oh, how about close encounter with the lake?  Yes,  my kids walked at the lakeshoe They're walking just like follow the leader and according to the height.  
photo L-R (Chloe, Ricci and Charles)

The Taal lake close encounter is not available in other resorts.  This experience can be found at Club Balai only.

3.  the Pantalan 
Club Balai Isabel currently have 2 pier or docking station where there is a platform built.  

First one is the Pantalan sa Terraza.  As you can see and notice from the above photos, Pantalan sa Terraza is located at the front of Terraza Cafe and Terraza pool.  I bet, this place is also a good spot for photo shoot where the background is the Taal Volcano.  

Look, here are my sample photos :)
4.  Water Sports Activities.
Let's go for Jetskiing around the lake. Hop in and get onboard.
The Jetski rent is 50$ or Php 2,500 per half hour.
Banana Boat Ride
Other water activities available are Fly Fish -10$ or Php500 per head for 5minutes, Paddle board 5$ or Php250 per 30 minutes and wakeboarding. 
5.  Swimming Pool.

First is the Terraza Pool. It has Kiddie and Adult pool available.
7.  Kumintang Cafe     
They have newly established the Lake Forest Mansion available for your luxurious staycation.  Here are some photo to look at and have an overview of what is inside in this "mansion"
Come and visit Club Balai Isabel and I'll take you there!
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They have table and chair setup where you can dine while enjoying the scenery of Taal Lake.  This is additional setup and improvement for better experience at the Pantalan.

The second is Pantalan sa Boardwalk.  This is located near the Kumintang Boardwalk,  I don't much photo on this area because I was excited to the Water Sports Activities.

Club Balai offers different Water Sports Activities.  And course,  it will touring the Taal Lake.  Pretty excited, is in it?

Had a good fun and adventure with Jetskiing at the Taal Lake. My kids and I were also enjoyed it while touring around the lake.  At first, they're hesitant to get onboard aside from being first timer and also they are bit afraid and scared of the water. According to them there are things moving underwater - plants.  They don't like it even if they see tawilis (fish living in the lake) moving around. 

My son started to love Jetski.  As a matter of fact he's requested to be the one to operate it.  Well, his request was granted.  I started the gas, them move a little and pass it to him.  I guided him of course and gave advises on how to operate and maneuvering at a slow pace.  He learned fast.  He said, he will do it again in the future.  

That's pretty cool!  Amazing!

For a group or let say you wanted to tour around the lake with your friends.  They have the Banana Boat and Speedboat ride.

Photo opportunity before riding a Banana Boat.  It is a must to wear a life jacket for security reasons.  Behind us is the Pantalan sa Boardwalk.

Let's start cruising around the lake. Everyone is very excited and had fun after the ride. My wife Aci was able to take photos while she's at the speedboat.  You can see the Club Balai Isabel as background on the picture :)

The Banana Boat ride is 7$ or Php 350 / head for 15 minutes with a maximum of 10 persons per boat ride.  The cost of Speedboat ride is 70$ or Php 3,500 per 30 mins with a maximum of 4 persons.

Balancing while rowing is an important when doing the Kayaking so to get moving on the straight, left or right direction.  You will handle a paddle which needs to pull or push against the water.  Sort of some exercise of your arm are needed.

The Kayak rent is 3$ or Php 150 per hour single seat and 6$ or Php 300 double seat

Upon exploring the facilities,  I discovered three swimming pools.  The Terraza Pool, Kumintang pool and Talisay Pool.

Kumintang Pool.
This is the biggest pool at the Club Balai Isabel.  It is also available for Kids and Adult. Adult pool starts at 4Ft to 7ft.  So, those who are swimmers or with knowledge and swimming and / or floating could enjoy the deepest part of the pool. 
 At the kids area, the flooring is flat with 3 Ft.  
Kids and Kids-at heart could also taking the kiddie pool.  

Worried about drowning?  Nah, there are lifeguard proactively watching guests. They are visible at the area.

Talisay Pool.
I think this is the pool where least visitors are expected. The location is somewhat distant from the cafe.  Ideal for adult with 4ft to 5Ft depth.  
Facilities near the pool are the Basketball and tennis court.

This is the newly open restaurant adjacent to the Kumintang Pool.  They served freshly meal upon ordering from the cafe.  During our visit, Kumintang Staff and personnel serves us delectable and sumptuous dinner the night.  Here are some of their newly dishes which are also available for their guests. Open from 10AM to 98PM

Mobile Bar

Kumintang Restaurant

Appetizer and Main Course



8.  Terraza Cafe
At Terraza, they served Filipino dish . Guests could enjoy buffet during weekends.  You can also choose other dishes from their menu for single order and plating.

Lunch at Terraza Cafe during our first day.

9. Security and WiFi connections
Inside the resort have CCTV installed.  This is also my concerns when visiting any resorts.  I'm glad that management provided and set up inside premise.
Wifi Connectivity
Internet connectivity is centralize managed by Club Balai.  Before you can get to the internet, you need secure a clearance from their staff and they will give the token or user credential like username and password.  
Please also note that wifi is very strong at the Terraza.  You can use your mobile data when needed if the signal is weak at some area of the resort.

10.  Accomodation
We're stayed at the bigger room where there are 5 beds.  The place is huge enough accommodate us and our friends.  Beds are soft and comfy with warm lights enough to get sleep after a day long activities.  Ventilation is acceptable considering the room is fully occupied.  Shower have Hot and cold with toiletries.  

 What to expect next at Club Balai?

So, that's the end of my story :).  What's yours?

To know more about Club Balai Isabel, visit the following.   

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