Partakan Festival 2017

Team #EATgetaway 
[L-R] Azrael Coladilla,; Enzo Luna,; Oscar Bornea,; Aci Girl,; Nicole Paler,
and Ted Claudio, (photo by Sir Azrael)

Motorists coming together once again during the 4th year of Partakan Festival 2017 hosted by Ropali Motorcycles held on April 14 -15, 2017 at Anguib Beach in Sta. Ana, Cagayan North-Eastern side of Luzon.  The #PartakanFestival held yearly with a common goal and interest of PASSION, BROTHERHOOD and FREEDOM.

Some of the exciting activities this year are  the Amazing Ride and Auto / Moto Challenge.  Amazing Ride will drive from NCR to Cagayan using 2-wheels, 3-wheels, or 4-wheels vehicle.  While, Auto / Moto Challenge held at the venue.  And, of course, our group, team #EATgetaway has joined the challenge.

DAY 0:  Partakan Festival 2017
Getting started,  our journey begins early Thursday, April 13, 2017 from Ropali Classics building in Pasig City.  We're using the van together with the other group name, "Team #Earth".  There were a total of 14 individuals including Kuya Lito -  the driver.  We left the place at 0245AM.

Registration at Ropali Cabanatuan

Part of the challenge is to drop-by in every pit stop along the way. Unlucky, the the first two locations are open, but no Ropali personnel available to assist us.  We're able to get a stamped at Ropali Cabanatuan and Solano.  Right after, the group decided to go directly to the venue.  

Ropali stations located at Cabanatuan.

Our second pit stop at Ropali Solano.

Ropali Solano.| photo credit to Azrael (team #EATgetaway)  

Meals during the Challenge?
Yes, we're able to get our stomach aching and manage to have food during morning, lunch, mirienda, and lunch before reaching to our destination.

After a long drive of 21 hours, we've finally arrived at Sta. Ana Cagayan on April 14, 2017.  We had our dinner, then go to the hotel to take rest and sleep.  It's going to be another day for all of us as we will be heading to the Anguib Beach to take part of the #PartakanFestival2017.

DAY 1 :  Partakan Festival 2017
At first day of the festival, April 15, 2017, we traveled 45 minutes from the hotel going to the venue.

We're already reached the venue.  


This is the camp site dedicated to motorists.

Motorists, visitors, and guests set up their tent at the camp area.  There is also a parking area for vehicles and bikers parked their bike near their tent.

Organizers are still on going in constructing the stage.

Team #EATgetway huddle time.

Area of Activities.

Bikes at the exhibit area.

My teammates (Nicole and Aci) checking the Kawsaki Bike display near the stage.

DAY 2:  Partakan Festival 2017
All are set for Day2 where most of the challenge and activities happen at the seashore and at the beach area.

Stage is ready for the Battle of the Band,  Rock Fest, Partakan Summer Bod.  Also for the Mr, Kawasaki's "Pogi" search.

Bailout Challenge

Beach for the Kayak and Jetski

Beach Volleyball Competition

The crowd during the game hosted by HONDA.  It's "Bato-Bato Pick" or Rock-Paper-Scissors Challenge.

HOSTS of the Bato-Bato Pick challenge.

Winners of Bato Bato Pick received shirts and cup courtesy of Honda Motocycles.

Sand Building Contest
Different groups joined the challenge and here are their enties.

Winner of Amazing Ride.

Congratulations to Team Wapog for being the CHAMPION NCR CALABARZON

Meet the Team members
L-R:  Kenneth, Eloi, Alicia, Kervie,  Jereno, Marvin, Elvin, Elmer Darwin, Aubrey and Dondie

Photos from: Eloi Pulmares Minorete

See you guys again :)

For updates and information, follow Partakan Festival on their official website and Facebook.



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