Volvo EC200D Excavator helps Speed up Productivity in the general construction industry

Their vision, Topspot Heavy Equipment Incorporated managing VOLVO Construction Equipment, is “to be the preferred partner and model of excellence in customer care” in the field of construction services industry.  This is one of the good reasons to celebrate and to be proud as the company launch the latest and newest VOLVO EX200D Excavator in the Philippines last May 15, 2018 at the Vertis Tent, Quezon City.

Here are 5 reasons why VOLVO EX200D helps construction companies and workers when is comes to speeding up the production with quality output in a and high standards doing the earth-moving types of work.

1. The Volvo EC200D is the fastest 20-ton class excavator on the market. With shorter cycle times and outstanding lifting capabilities it delivers significant productivity improvements for all types of general construction work. 
2. World-class fuel efficiency, productivity, quality, safety and service availability are always included when you buy a Volvo excavator.

3. The new EC200D has all these premium Volvo features - and more. The EC200 offers exceptionally high swing torque and unique lifting capabilities which makes it the natural choice for general construction earthmoving work.
4. The excavator cycle time includes digging, lifting, rotation and unloading. The faster the cycle can be finished, the higher productivity for the machine. With the powerful Volvo D5E Tier 3 with output of 123 kW at 2,000 rpm, and strong hydraulics, the EC200D is designed to operate fast and with short cycle times.

5. In addition, the EC200D is extremely well balanced which gives the machine exceptionally good loading capabilities at any boom and arm position.

Sir Ronald Yao, Vice President for Machine Sales, Topspot Heavy Equipment
Volvo reveals their study on what the customer requirements and what they really wants.

TOP 5 Product Requirements coming from the Voice of the Customer as a result of the survey conducted by Volvo 
1. Fuel Efficiency
2. Quality
3. Fuel Consuption
4. Operational Cost
5. Cycle Time (Productivity)

According to AM Muralidharan, VP Sales Support and Dealer Development in Volvo CE, Sales Region APAC, “The combination of a powerful engine, strong hydraulics in an exceptionally well balanced machine makes the EC200 capable of lifting heavier weight at a higher swing speed. All this translates into higher productivity.”
L-R Ronald Tan, Vice Prsident - SEA Volvo Construction Heavy Equipment, Sir Ronald Yao, VP Machine Sales Topspot Heavy Equipment, Sir Christoper, Business Manager, and Sir Joseph, Senior Product Manager Excavator Volvo EC200D
The operators feel right at home in the cab too as it features the ergonomic design, comfort and visibility that are synonymous with Volvo machines. The EC200 is extremely easy to control and the superior stability secures smooth and efficient operation of the machine.

The Volvo EC200D is overall a solid performer that offers excellent fuel efficiency and productivity in general construction applications such as road construction, building, landscaping and utility work. It is configured with a 5.7 m boom, 2.9 m arm and 0.8 m3 bucket, while maximum breakout force is 116 kN.
Guests, Dealer, Suppliers gathered outside to witnessed the actual demonstration of Vovo EC200D.

 Simulator machine, this is ideal for the wanna be operator for Volvo Excavator

 Other Volvo Equipment display outside the venue.

The EC200 is available in Southeast Asia, India and in the Philippines. Civic Merchandising, Inc. is the company that is always ready to provide the best brands of machineries like Volvo. Civic Merchandising is a privately-owned company serving the construction, mining and transport industry in the Philippines. Their clients are leading local and multinational firms operating in the country, involved in a range of projects - from land development to building infrastructure such as roads and bridges. With over 30 service points and on-site service support nationwide, Civic is able to provide the best customer care for its clients. 


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